A Hybrid Model Decomposition Framework for Parameter Estimation of Gene Circuit Models

Kuwahara, Hiroyuki ;   Gao, Xin

Tags Parameter estimationSynthetic biology circuitsInverse problems in biology

Parameter estimation for the modeling of gene circuits remains a challenging and active research topic since it usually involves many (often...

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Automated Protein Structure Determination from NMR Multidimensional Spectra

Gao, Xin

Tags Structural bioinformaticsAlgorithms and computational tools for proteomics

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is one of the two main techniques to determine the three-dimensional structures of proteins. The...

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Multiscale Simulation of Wound Healing with Embedded Molecular Intra-Cellular Network and Cellular Mechanical Forces of Cell-Cell and Cell-ECM Interactions

Cao, Youfang ;   Zhao, Jieling ;   Di Pietro, Luisa ;   Liang, Jie

Tags Cell modelingModeling of biomolecular system pathwaysModeling of gene/epigene regulatory networks

Identifying and understanding complex biological patterns emerging from experimental studies at multi-scale are essential to gain biological...

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Multistable Physiological States from Simple Stochastic Gene Regulatory Network Motifs

Cao, Youfang ;   Terebus, Anna ;   Liang, Jie

Tags Modeling of gene/epigene regulatory networksSynthetic biology circuitsAdvances in theory of biological networks

Simple stochastic gene regulatory motifs are ubiquitous in biological systems, and play critical roles in controlling transitions among distinct...

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