Applying Sensor, Survey and Resource Data to Healthy Behavior Change

Moon, Jon

Tags Mobile healtheHealthPersonalised health

By effectively guiding behavior we can improve health for individuals and communities. It is essential to interact with people in ways adapted...

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Immediate Biofeedback for Energy Balance via Expired Breath ? 13CO2

Butz, Daniel ;   Weidmann, Damien ;   Brownsword, Richard ;   Cook, Mark ;   Schoeller, Dale ;   Whigham, Leah

Tags Personal health systemsPersonalised healthPersonal/consumer health informatics

Expired breath ?13CO2 measured in real time serves as a useful biomarker of altered macronutrient metabolism in response to changes in...

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Mobile Evaluation of Human Energy Balance and Weight Control: Potential for Future Developments

Heymsfield, Steven ;   Kim, Justin Younghyun ;   Bhagat, Yusuf ;   Zheng, Jolene ;   Kim, Insoo ;   Choi, Ahyoung ;   Jo, Seongwook ;   Cho, Jaegeol

Tags Mobile healthPersonalised healthWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systems

Quantification of energy storage is essential in understanding energy balance and can be determined by bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)....

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Optical Detection of Carotenoids in Living Tissue as a Measure of Fruit and Vegetable Intake

Whigham, Leah ;   Redelfs, Alisha H

Tags Biological sensors and systemsPhysiological monitoring

Circulating blood carotenoids have long been accepted as the most accurate biomarker of total fruit and vegetable intake. Recent...

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