Extending Biological Imaging to the Fifth Dimension – Evolution of Volumetric Multi-Spectral Optoacoustic Tomography

Deán-Ben, X. Luis ;   Razansky, Daniel

Tags Optical imagingVolume renderingOptical molecular imaging

A newly developed optoacoustic approach for three-dimensional functional and molecular imaging in real time is presented in the talk. It is...

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Photoacoustic Imaging Enhanced with Coherent Light

Bossy, Emmanuel ;   Chaigne, Thomas ;   Gigan, Sylvain

Tags Optical imagingHigh-frequency ultrasound technology

Photoacoustic imaging of biological tissue is an emerging multi-wave imaging modality that couples light excitation to acoustic detection, via the...

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Photoacoustic Imaging: Steps towards Clinical Translation, and Steps towards Quantification

Steenbergen, Wiendelt ;   Manohar, Srirang

Tags Multimodal imaging

After 2 decades of research in photoacoustic imaging, the technology still has not seen clinical acceptance. However, progress is being made...

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Recent Progress on Photoacoustic Imaging: Clinical Systems and Contrast Agents

Kim, Chulhong

Tags Optical imagingOptical molecular imagingUltrasound molecular imaging

We present our recent progress on clinical photoacoustic (PA) imaging systems and contrast agents. The clinical PA system is integrated with...

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