Big Data and Cognitive Computing in Life Sciences: Today's Challenges and a Bright Future

Reumann, Matthias

Tags Decision support methods and systemsKnowledge discovery and managementData mining

Computer systems that address the big data challenges in life sciences and healthcare need to take a holistic view. The variety of data...

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Clinical Attention on the Cognitive Battlefields of Emergency Departments

Schmidt, Thomas ;   Lassen, Annmarie ;   Wiil, Uffe Kock

Tags Knowledge discovery and managementDecision support methods and systemsHealth information systems

We review the treatment of patients in Emergency Departments as a Big Data problem, and propose to deal with specific challenges related to...

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Contextualizing Complex High Volume Physiological and Drug Data in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Bressan, Nadja ;   McGregor, Carolyn ;   James, Andrew

Tags Decision support methods and systemsData miningComputer-aided decision making

Do sedatives and/or analgesics impact the evaluation of a septic condition in a preterm infant? McGregor et al developed a multi-stream,...

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The Value Proposition of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

McGregor, Carolyn

Tags Health information systemsDecision support methods and systemsData mining

Organisations within and outside healthcare seek to continue to increase their value proposition to their customers and/or patients. One...

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