A Method for Predicting Targets of MicroRNA based on Multiple Databases and Its Application to Cancer Related MicroRNAs

Fukuoka, Yutaka ;   Fujita, Mayu

Tags Analysis of high-throughput systems biology dataMining clinical data

In this study, a method for predicting targets of microRNA (miRNA) was proposed, whose basic idea is that a target predicted in multiple...

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A Novel Sequence Comparison Method based on K-Word Positions

Han, Gyu-Bum ;   Chung, Byung Chang ;   Cho, Dong-Ho

Tags Structural bioinformaticsAnalysis of high-throughput systems biology data

We propose a novel sequence comparison method based on the position information of k-word. The proposed comparison method defines...

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A Study on MERS-CoV via a Mathematical Model based on the Spread in South Korea, 2015

Chang, H.J. ;   Park, Haneul

Tags Algorithms and techniques for systems modelingBiomedical data-driven modelingParameter estimation

In 2015 an outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has occurred in South Korea. This paper study the properties of the...

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An Age Prediction Model using Hippocampal Metabolite Concentrations and Cognitive and Memory Function Scores

Kawakami, Yoko ;   Ono, Naoaki ;   Sato, Tetsuo ;   Sugiura, Tadao ;   Altaf-Ul-Amin, MD. ;   Kanaya, Shigehiko ;   Hoshida, Tohru

Tags Mining clinical dataBiomedical data-driven modeling

We evaluated the effect of aging on neuronal and cognitive activity using MRS-measurements and scores of memory and cognitive function test...

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An Implementation for the Bio-Chemo-Mechanical Model of Cell Contractility

Truong, Duy Thanh ;   Nebe, Barbara ;   van Rienen, Ursula

Tags Cell modelingBiomechanics modelingModeling of biomolecular system dynamics

There have been numerous studies that examine the mechanical interaction between cells and their underlying substrates in terms of both...

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Brain Gene Expression Signatures Accurately Classify Behavior in Bees

Fiini, Nicola ;   Lauria, Mario

Tags Modeling of biomolecular system dynamicsModeling of biomolecular system pathwaysModeling of gene/epigene regulatory networks

Bees are an indicator of biodiversity and climate change and their pollination action is fundamental for the production of large part of human...

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Developing the Virtual Physiological Human: Tools, Techniques, and Best Practices for Data Exchange, Storage, and Publication

Nickerson, David Phillip ;   Sorby, Hugh ;   Nielsen, Poul ;   Hunter, Peter

Tags Physiome modelingPhysiological systemsMultiscale modeling

We present here tools, techniques and best practices that aid scientists in the development and application of mathematical models and...

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High-throughput Tracking of Cancer Cells using Parametric Active Contours and Kalman Smoothing

Zhang, Yang ;   Sero, Julia ;   Holmes, Geoffrey Robert ;   Bakal, Chris ;   Anderson, Sean R ;   Kadirkamanathan, Visakan

Tags Analysis of high-throughput systems biology dataUnstructured data visualizationAlgorithms and techniques for systems modeling

We propose a high-throughput cancer cell tracking algorithm based on parametric active contours and Kalman smoothing. The algorithm was...

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Integrative Analysis of Expression Levels of MIRNA and MRNA: Investigation of Hypoxic Tolerance in Leukemia

Ohki, Takuya ;   Umezu, Tomohiro ;   Ohyashiki, Junko ;   Fukuoka, Yutaka

Tags Analysis of high-throughput systems biology dataMining clinical data

In this study, a method was proposed for integrative analysis of microRNAs and mRNAs. The proposed method was applied to data from leukemia...

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Minimal Model Development for Neonatal Morbidity Screening

McEwan, Alistair ;   Jeffery, Heather ;   Hamimi, Fatin ;   Carberry, Angela ;   Huvanandana, Jacqueline

Tags Medical decision makingPatient stratification

Inexpensive and accessible body composition measurement represents an important step in addressing global development and nutritional needs,...

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Neural Network-Based Classification of Concussed and Control Groups from EEG

Keshavarz Hedayati, Babak ;   Dimopoulos, Nikitas ;   Babul, Arif ;   Yeung, Arnold ;   Virji-Babul, Naznin

Tags Advances in theory of biological networks

This study demonstrates the accuracy and validity of a neural network (NN) model to classify EEG signals from adolescents with and without...

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Numerical Modeling of the Inductive Link for Transcutaneous Energy Transfer with Consideration of Specific Geometry

Danilov, Arseny ;   Mindubaev, Eduard ;   Nesterenko, Igor

Tags Medical device modeling

There is not general method for calculation of parameters of a transcutaneous energy transfer (TET) via inductive link. So, it is useful to...

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Optimization of Intermittent and Frequent Hemodialysis Schedule using the Genetic Algorithm

Choi, Jin Woo ;   Kim, Heejin ;   Lee, Jung Chan ;   Kim, Hee Chan

Tags Medical decision makingPhysiome modelingMass transfer

Prior studies suggest that more frequent hemodialysis (HD) is more effective in terms of molecular clearance and improves quality of life for...

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Signal Initiation Sites on Spiral Ganglion Cells: A Simulation Study

Sriperumbudur, Kiran K ;   Hans, Wilhelm Pau ;   Robert, Mlynski ;   van Rienen, Ursula

Tags Physiological systemsAdvances in theory of biological networksStructural bioinformatics

The prime function of cochlear implants (CI) is the initiation of action potential (AP) signals in the auditory nerve by the electric stimulation...

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The Method of Real Time Sign Language Interpreting using Kinect

Sanada, Makoto ;   Kamei, Yuhei ;   Okada, Shima

Tags Patient stratificationComparative effectiveness researchStructured data visualization

Today, the number of sign language interpreters is fewer than the number of hearing and language disabilities in Japan. The fewer...

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Transcriptional Signature for the Identification of Acute Myocardial Infarction

Trastulla, Lucia ;   Lauria, Mario

Tags Analysis of high-throughput systems biology dataClinical applications of biological networksPatient stratification

Although a significant reduction of cardiovascular disease (CVD) has been achieved over the past decade, CVD still accounts for a third of...

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Word based DNA Sequence Comparison Method with Reduced Complexity

Seo, Hyein ;   Han, Gyu-Bum ;   Cho, Dong-Ho

Tags Biomedical data-driven modelingAlgorithms and computational tools for proteomicsComparative effectiveness research

This paper suggests a sequence comparing method utilizing the frequency of words with the reduced complexity than conventional methods....

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