3D Cell Patterning using Dielectrophoresis on Digital Microfluidics

Gupta, Anushka ;   Nestor, Bret Andrew ;   Diaz de Leon Derby, Maria ;   Van den Berg, André Christiaan ;   Wang, Zongjie ;   Samanipour, Roya ;   Rezaei Nejad, Hojatollah ;   Kim, Keekyoung ;   Hoorfar, Mina

Tags Patterning of biomatreialsHydrogels for BioMEMS and NEMS

We introduce a novel methodology for patterning human embryonic kidney cells using negative dielectrophoresis on a digital microfluidic...

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A Search for Scaffold Condition Suitable for Inducing Cardiac Differentiation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Matsuda, Yusuke ;   Sakai, Naomi ;   Takahashi, Ken ;   Naruse, Keiji

Tags Controlling embryonic cell differentiationStem cells and tissue morphogenesisCell seeding and viability issues in tissue engineering scaffolds

Cellular scaffold is extremely important for cellular differentiation. To find efficient method to induce cardiac differentiation of stem cells,...

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BloodExtractor – Standardized and Optimized Cord Blood Extractor

Robortella, Roberto ;   Tavilla, Agatino Christian ;   Stefanini, Igor

Tags Stem cell nicheBiologics

This paper presents a device for optimized and standardized cord blood collection. The creation of a controlled depression by BloodExtractor...

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Characterization of Double-Layered Nanoparticles for Time-Delayed Release of Growth Factors in Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering

Izadifar, Mohammad ;   Kelly, Michael E. ;   Chen, Xiongbiao (Daniel)

Tags Micro-/nano-fabrication in tissue engineeringBiofabricationDrug/gene and carrier interactions

There has been a great interest in cardiovascular tissue engineering for myocardial infarction repair; however,an effective revascularization...

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Construction of Capillary Anastomosis in a Microfluidic Device

Watanabe, Masafumi ;   Uwamori, Hiroyuki ;   Sudo, Ryo

Tags Angiogenesis and vasculogenesisBioMEMS-based 3D scaffold fabricationCell seeding in engineered scaffolds

I. Introduction Construction of thicker tissues is a big challenge of the in vitro tissue engineering to overcome limited diffusion of nutrients...

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Core–Shell Structured PCL-POMA Nanofibers by Coaxial Electrospinning Promotes Rat Mesenchymal Stem Cell Proliferation

Li, Wen-Tyng

Tags Micro-/nano-fabrication in tissue engineeringFabrication of cell seeded scaffoldsPatterning of biomatreials

Core–shell structured poly(?-caprolactone) (PCL)- poly(o-methoxyaniline) (POMA) nanofibers were prepared by coaxial electrospinning...

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Crossing Angle Analysis of Chondrocyte Trails on Culture Substrates

Shimizu, Oki ;   Sano, Kumpei ;   Nakane, Yotaro ;   Takahashi, Kazuya ;   Kojima, Katsura ;   Tamada, Yasushi ;   Tomita, Naohide

Tags Cell-matrix mechanical interactionsCell seeding in engineered scaffoldsCell motility and force transduction

Crossing angle analysis of cell trails was proposed as a quantitative indicator of cell migrating tendency toward their trails. Migration of...

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Evaluation of Decellularized Tissue Powder using a Rat Myocardial Infarct Model

Hashimoto, Yoshihide ;   Negishi, Jun ;   Tabuchi, Masaki ;   Yamashita, Akitatsu ;   Kishida, Akio ;   Funamoto, Seiichi

Tags Injectable scaffoldsFunctional biomaterialsHybrid biomaterials for engineered vascular tissue

Heart diseases are considered as a major target in regenerative medicine. We investigated the effects of decellularized tissue powder using a...

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Factors for Improving Mechanical Property of Zein-Based Scaffold Applied in Bone Tissue Engineering

Wang, Jin-Ye ;   Huang, Qianwei


As a sort of bone repairing material, zein-based scaffold has the disadvantage of brittleness which is also the weakness of many widely used...

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Microscale Patterning for Preventing Posterior Capsular Opaficication by Controlling Lens Epithelial Cell Migration

Kwon, Chunga ;   Jeon, Hojeong ;   Park, Jaeho ;   Lee, Eojin

Tags Surface modification of biomaterialsBiofabricationFunctional biomaterials

Posterior capsular opacification(PCO) occurs within 2-5 years after cataract surgery with the frequency of 20-40%. PCO is a disease which is...

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The Effects of Cell Arrangement and Growth Factor Gradient on Vessel Diameter in a Microfluidic Angiogenesis Model

Murai, Ryosuke ;   Uwamori, Hiroyuki ;   Sudo, Ryo

Tags Angiogenesis and vasculogenesisCell seeding in engineered scaffoldsStem cells and tissue morphogenesis

[Introduction] Integration of capillaries into 3D tissues is one of the key challenges in tissue engineering. Blood vessels are essential for...

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The Evaluation of Glioma Invasion Ability under Interstitial Flow Conditions

Namba, Naoko ;   Sudo, Ryo

Tags Bio-MEMS and cell mechanicsCell motility and force transductionCell-matrix mechanical interactions

[Introduction] Glioma is a malignant brain tumor with high invasiveness. Previous studies revealed patterns of glioma invasion into white matter...

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The Evaluation of Interaction between Hepatocytes and Vascular Networks in Microenvironments

Minami, Hiroshi ;   Sudo, Ryo

Tags Micro-/nano-fabrication in tissue engineeringMultiscale studies in tissue engineering

[Introduction]Overcoming diffusion limitation is a big challenge in 3D tissue engineering. Liver has a complex structure consisting of several...

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Thermal Impact on the Fabrication of 3D Cardiac Scaffolds for Cardiac Tissue Engineering

Izadifar, Mohammad ;   Kelly, Michael E. ;   Chen, Xiongbiao (Daniel)

Tags Fabrication of cell seeded scaffoldsBiofabricationPatterened 3D scaffolds

Alginate-polycaprolactone (PCL) can be a good candidate for hybrid cardiac scaffold. PCL gives strength to the scaffold and alginate...

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Ultrasound-Mediated Gene Therapy using Antiangiogenesis Targeted Microbubbles in Brain Tumors

Chang, En-ling ;   Fan, Ching-Hsiang ;   Yeh, Chih-Kuang

Tags Blood brain barrier in drug deliveryNon-viral gene deliveryCell specific delivery

This study aimed to develop the antiangiogenesis targeted and DNA-loaded cationic microbubbles with anti-VEGFR2 antibody (VCMBs), using...

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