A neonatal thermometer with PDMS bandage substrate for comfortable, biocompatible adhesion for prolonged use

Amrutur, Bharadwaj ;   Jha, Prateek ;   Sambandan, Sanjiv ;   Mony, Prem

Tags PDMS bandageneonatal monitoringhypothermia detection

Continuous monitoring of body temperature of a premature infant can help detect hypothermia, which is a leading cause of mortality and...

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A Responsive Hydrogel Platform using Supramolecular Polymers for Drug and Gene Delivery Systems

De Angelis, Maria Teresa ;   Paciello, Antonio ;   Santonicola, M. Gabriella

Tags Micro- and nano-technologyBio-nano technology

The functional immobilization and the controlled manipulation of biological molecules on soft materials and surfaces is a critical issue in the...

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A Small-Scale Telemetry System for Automated Behavioral Recognition in Field and Laboratory Research

Springthorpe, Dwight ;   Hammond, Talisin ;   Berg-Kirkpatrick, Taylor

Tags Portable miniaturized systemsIntegrated sensor systemsBody sensor networks and telemetric systems

We present a design for a small-scale telemetry device that enables novel experiments in both field and laboratory biological studies. This...

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Biosensor Concept to Detect Breast Cancer Cells on the Basis of Impedance Spectroscopy Assisted by Magnetic Nanoparticles

González, César A

Tags Biological sensors and systemsMicro- and nano-sensors

Therapeutic strategies of Breast Cancer require continuous monitoring of patients by regular blood tests to detect circulating cancer cells...

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Characterization of a Capacitor-Based Neurostimulator with Flexible Waveform Design

Parodi, Aquiles ;   Choi, Jin-Woo

Tags Implantable systemsImplantable technologiesProsthetic devices

Wireless neurostimulators with small footprints are required to promote research in functional electrical stimulation (FES), bioelectronics, and...

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Direct Measurement of Glycolytic Metabolites with Nanoparticle-Based Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering

Hase, Takumi ;   Tamano, Yuki ;   Tsukada, Kosuke

Tags Micro- and nano-sensorsOptical and photonic sensors and systemsBioelectric sensing methods

Cells switch their glycolytic metabolism between oxidative phosphorylation and glycolysis to produce ATP depending on their extracellular...

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Effect of Grayanotoxion Deriver on Cultured Muscle

Yamaki, Yuto ;   Uto, Sadahito

Tags Biolelectric sensors and sensor systemsBioelectric sensing methodsMicro- and nano-sensors

Presently, research of regenerative medicine has attracted much attention and culture techniques of the muscle cell (C2C12) have also been...

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Electrical Characterization of Disposable and Lithographically Designed Electrodes

Simsek, Fatma ;   Can, Osman Melih ;   Atasoy, Ahmet ;   Ulgen, Yekta ;   Garipcan, Bora ;   Kuralay, Filiz

Tags Bioelectric sensing methodsChemical sensors and systems

The biochips made of gold electrodes are produced on the glass surfaces by lithography method. The electrodes are characterized with the...

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Electrocardiogram Measurement using Dry-Type Stretchable Electrode

Okuno, Akifumi ;   Lee, Jihyoung ;   Shiozawa, Naruhiro ;   Kwon, Euichul ;   Ishimaru, Sonoko ;   Makikawa, Masaaki

Tags Smart textile and clothesIntegrated sensor systems

Gel type electrode is not suitable for long term electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement because sweat affects the contact condition between...

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Estimation of Penetrated Bone Layers during Craniotomy via Bioimpedance Measurement: A Preliminary FEM Study Shows Promise

Teichmann, Daniel ;   Rohé, Lucas ;   Brendle, Christian ;   Müller, Meiko ;   Niesche, Annegret ;   Radermacher, Klaus ;   Leonhardt, Steffen

Tags Bioelectric sensing methodsBiolelectric sensors and sensor systemsNew sensing techniques

In this work, the feasibility of estimating the type of cranial bone layer currently perforated by the saw during craniotomy by bioimpedance...

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Evaluation of Finger Tapping Test Accuracy using the LeapMotion and the Intel RealSense Sensors

Ferraris, Claudia ;   Pianu, Daniele ;   Chimienti, Antonio ;   Pettiti, Giuseppe ;   Cimolin, Veronica ;   Cau, Nicola ;   Nerino, Roberto

Tags Optical and photonic sensors and systemsNew sensing techniques

The availability of new low-cost devices for bare-hand tracking favors the development of systems for the automatic assessment of a...

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Feasibility Study of the Respiration Monitoring based on Acceleration and Pressure Measurement Inside Pillow

Park, Sooji ;   Shin, Hangsik

Tags Integrated sensor systemsPortable miniaturized systemsMechanical sensors and systems

As a preliminary study of unconstrained sleep monitoring, we developed the pillow insertion type module to measure the acceleration and...

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Flexible, Bendable Surface Type Pulse Sensor

Chigira, Hiroshi ;   Watanabe, Tomoki ;   Mizuno, Osamu ;   Tanaka, Tomohiro

Tags Physiological monitoringNew sensing techniquesOptical and photonic sensors and systems

A flexible, bendable surface type pulse sensor that can be added on everyday objects is proposed. The proposed method expands the basic...

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Geometrical Design Effect on Lithium Niobate Sensors Response

Al-Shibaany, Zeyad ;   Hedley, John ;   Hu, Zhongxu

Tags Micro- and nano-sensorsMechanical sensors and systemsPortable miniaturized systems

The properties of lithium niobate make it an ideal choice for electromechanical sensors and it has therefore seen extensive use in surface...

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Heart Rate Monitoring using 3D Hologram based on Smartphone

Chung, Heewon ;   Thap, Tharoeun ;   Lee, Jinseok

Tags Physiological monitoringPortable miniaturized systems

We use smartphone camera to obtain the pulsatile signal from fingertip and then apply the peak detection algorithm to detect the pulse’s...

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Improving ECG Settling Time after Transitory Electrical Interferences

Diaz-Rodriguez, Laura ;   Luther, Stefan

Tags Bioelectric sensing methodsPhysiological monitoringBiolelectric sensors and sensor systems

Long settling time of Electrocardiogram (ECG) amplifiers after any electrical disturbance are undesired, specially in applications in which...

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Lock-In Admittance Sensor for Contactless Estimation of Fluid Conductivity in Biocompatible Polymeric Lines

Ravagli, Enrico ;   Crescentini, Marco ;   Tartagni, Marco ;   Severi, Stefano

Tags Chemical sensors and systemsChemo/bio-sensing techniquesNew sensing techniques

INTRODUCTION Conductivity measurements on fluids made using immersion electrodes lead to cost and safety problems in the biomedical field....

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Microfluidic Platform for Versatile Gradient Generation and Single-Cell Migration Analysis

Song, Jiyoung ;   Ryu, Hyunryul ;   Lee, Sungsik ;   Jeon, Noo Li

Tags Microfluidics in biological applicationsMicrototal analysis and lab-on-chip systemsMicrofluidic techniques, methods and systems

Chemotaxis is one of the major cellular behavior that involved in such as immune response, wound healing, and cancer metastasis. Significant...

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New Clinically Friendly EHG Recording System

Alberola-Rubio, Jose ;   Prats-Boluda, Gema ;   Ye Lin, Yiyao ;   Bueno-Barrachina, Jose Manuel ;   Valero, Javier ;   Perales, Alfredo ;   Garcia-Casado, Javier

Tags Biolelectric sensors and sensor systemsPhysiological monitoringWireless sensors and systems

Uterine activity monitoring is used to assess pregnancy and labor progress and to evaluate maternal and fetal wellbeing. In this work we...

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Pencil Lead based Electrodes for Underwater ECG Monitoring

Thap, Tharoeun ;   Ko, Hoon ;   Jeong, Kwan Moon ;   Lee, Hooseok ;   Lee, Jinseok

Tags Biological sensors and systemsPhysiological monitoring

We have developed electrodes that provide all morphological waveforms of ECG signal for both dry and full water immersed condition. Our...

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Stability Improvement of Breathing Effort Signal in Capacitive In-Bed Cardiorespiratory Monitor by Automatic Gain Control

Sakai, Hidenori ;   Ueno, Akinori

Tags Physiological monitoringBiolelectric sensors and sensor systemsBioelectric sensing methods

Two sets of automatic gain controller (AGC) were introduced at the back ends of a capacitive in-bed cardiorespiratory monitor. Improved...

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The Study for Continuous Measurement System by Electrical Impedance in Body

Nagakura, Toshiaki ;   Watanabe, Kouya ;   Matsushita, Kazuo ;   Yamada, Kenji ;   Kido, Michiko ;   Ishii, Atsue ;   Ohno, Yuko


The concentration of solutions in human body is strictly controlled. These solutions keep different concentration between intracellular and...

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Update on Infant Cardiac Annunciator

Le, Hoa ;   Neuman, Michael

Tags Bioelectric sensing methodsPhysiological monitoringPortable miniaturized systems

The infant annunciator for use in the developing world reported at EMBC2014 has been improved with regard to circuit and package as well as...

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Vertical Electrodes based on Metal-Coated SU-8 Structures

Kilchenmann, Samuel ;   Rollo, Enrica ;   Guiducci, Carlotta

Tags Micro- and nano-technologyMicro- and nano-sensorsMicrototal analysis and lab-on-chip systems

Vertical electrodes spanning the full height of microfluidic channels bear many advantages over conventional planar ones. Nevertheless, the...

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Wirelessly Controlled Ubiquitous Ocular Drug Delivery System

Kamrani, Ehsan ;   Hahn, Sei Kwang ;   Yun, Seuk Hyun

Tags Biolelectric sensors and sensor systemsWearable systemsPhysiological monitoring

This paper has been removed from the proceedings.

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