A Method for Segmentation of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions on Magnetic Resonance Images

Storelli, Loredana ;   Pagani, Elisabetta ;   Rocca, Maria Assunta ;   Filippi, Massimo

Tags MR neuroimagingImage segmentation

The identification and segmentation of focal hyperintense lesions on Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) are essential steps in multiple sclerosis...

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A Mixed Discretized Boundary Element Method for the Anisotropic EEG Forward Problem

Pillain, Axelle ;   Rahmouni, Lyes ;   Andriulli, Francesco P.

Tags EEG imagingElectrical source brain imagingElectrical source imaging techniques

This work proposes a new Boundary Element Method formulation for the electroencephalography forward problem that can handle homogeneous...

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A New Algorithm for the Visual Tracking of Surgical Instruments in Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery

Lee, Dongheon ;   Choi, Jaesoon ;   Kim, Hee Chan

Tags Image segmentationImage classificationImage filtering

We proposed a novel algorithm for instrument segmentation in the robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery (RALS) images, which will be used for...

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A New User-Friendly Tool for Localizing Spots in Fluorescence Microscopy Images

Marimon, Xavier ;   Vallmitjana, Alex ;   Jones, Peter ;   Benitez, Raul

Tags Fluorescence microscopyImage segmentation

We provide a new automatic, user-friendly tool for the detection and quantification of spots in fluorescence microscopy images. We have...

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A Statistical Mapping Strategy to Identify Inspiratory Neurons among Active Cells in the Pre-Bötzinger Complex

Miwakeichi, Fumikazu ;   Oke, Yoshihiko ;   Oku, Yoshitaka ;   Galka, Andreas ;   Hülsmann, Swen

Tags Brain image analysisOptical neuroimaging

In the field of respiratory neurobiology, the two photon fluorescence imaging technique has been used for recording spontaneous rhythmic...

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An Empirical Study of the Robustness of the Soft Prior Regularization in Tomographic Microwave Imaging

Golnabi, Amir H ;   Meaney, Paul ;   Paulsen, Keith

Tags Regularized image reconstructionMultimodal imagingMR breast imaging

Microwave imaging (MI) for early breast cancer diagnosis is emerging as a potential alternative and/or complementary to conventional modalities...

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Anisotropic Conductivity Imaging of a Postmortem Canine Brain using DT-MREIT

Jeong, Woo Chul ;   Sajib, Saurav Z K ;   Kim, Hyung Joong ;   Woo, Eung Je

Tags Diffusion-tensor and diffusion-spectrum imagingMR neuroimagingMRI pulse sequence

We report our first anisotropic conductivity image of a canine brain reconstructed by using the diffusion tensor magnetic resonance...

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Application of Synchrotron X-Ray Imaging for Safety Improvement of Ultrasound Imaging and Therapy

Izadifar, Zahra ;   Belev, George ;   Babyn, Paul ;   Chapman, Dean

Tags X-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)

The observation of ultrasound generated cavitation bubbles deep in tissue is very difficult. The development of an imaging method capable of...

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Automated Analysis of Geographic Atrophy from Fundus Autofluorescence

Burlina, Philippe ;   Tadarati, Mongkol ;   Freund, David ;   Bressler, Neil

Tags Retinal imagingImage segmentationImage visualization

We study the automated delineation and characterization of age-related macular degeneration’s (AMD’s) advanced stage, geographic atrophy...

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Automatic Pulmonary Nodule Detection using Mobility Characteristics and Area Pattern via Pixel Object Tracking

Ko, Hoon ;   Lee, Woo Chan ;   Lee, Jinseok

Tags X-ray CTX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)Image feature extraction

In this paper, a mobility and shape pattern analysis with successive chest CT image slices is proposed to automatically detect pulmonary...

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Cardiac LV Segmentation and Landmark Points Detection using Image Driven Approach in MR Images

Kadimesetty, Venkata Suryanarayana ;   Viswanathan, Srikrishnan ;   Jo, Hyun Hee

Tags Cardiac imaging and image analysisImage segmentation

For quantitative analysis of the global and regional cardiac functionality, parameters such as ejection fraction (EF), stroke volume, and...

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Chest Conductivity Imaging by the Electrical Exploration Method

Oda, Takaaki ;   Uto, Sadahito

Tags Electrical impedance imaging techniques

The body surface electric potential measurement is useful for screening for cardiac disease. However, it takes a prohibitively long time to...

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Computer Aided Diagnosis towards Chronic Liver Disease Classification in Shear Wave Elastography Images

Gatos, Ilias ;   Tsantis, Stavros ;   Skouroliakou, Katerina ;   Kagadis, George

Tags ElastographyImage segmentationImage classification

A Computer Aided Diagnosis system for differentiating Healthy from Pathological fibrotic patients by means of Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) automatic...

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Continuous Wave FNIRS with Silicon Photomultiplier

Pagano, Roberto ;   Sciuto, Emanuele Luigi ;   Santangelo, Maria Francesca ;   Libertino, Sebania ;   Parisi, Antonino ;   Adamo, Gabriele ;   Busacca, Alessandro ;   Fallica, Piero Giorgio ;   Ferla, Giuseppe ;   Giaconia, Costantino ;   Merla, Arcangelo ;   Lombardo, Salvatore

Tags Near infra-red spectroscopy

This work is focused on the development of a Continuous Wave (CW) NIRS integrated system with multi-wavelength LED sources between 700 and...

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Correlation of Brain Structural and Functional Connectivity Indexes

Pelizzari, Laura ;   Scaccianoce, Elisa ;   Lagana, Maria Marcella ;   Dipasquale, Ottavia ;   Costantini, Isa ;   Baglio, Francesca ;   Baselli, Giuseppe

Tags Diffusion-tensor and diffusion-spectrum imagingMR neuroimagingFunctional image analysis

Resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rsfMRI) and tractography, derived from diffusion weighted imaging (DWI), are...

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Design of Unfocused Ultrasound Imaging System using Compressive Sensing

Ni, Pavel ;   Park, Sangjun ;   Lee, Heung-No

Tags Ultrasonic vascular imagingImage enhancementCompressive sensing/sampling

Objective of this work is enhancement of spatial resolution of ultrasound medical systems. A new approach for processing of ultrasound...

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Detecting Neurotransmitters using Resonant Nanoparticles

Forati, Ebrahim ;   Sabouni, Abas ;   Ray, Supriyo ;   Sievenpiper, Dan

Tags Optical neuroimagingOptical imaging

Resonant gold nanoparticles (nanorods) are functionalized with a neurotransmitter’s receptor and their absorption spectra are measured...

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DRSTI: A Workbench for Querying Optical Coherence Tomography Images

Parakh, Abhinav ;   Chundi, Parvathi ;   Subramaniam, Mahadevan ;   Go, Susannah

Tags Optical coherence tomographyImage retrievalImage visualization

A data repository and workbench for storing and querying the Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) images of patients is described. Processed...

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Dynamic PET Direct Reconstruction of Noisy Data

Santarelli, Maria Filomena ;   Scipioni, Michele ;   Positano, Vincenzo ;   Landini, Luigi

Tags PET and SPECT imagingParametric image reconstructionIterative image reconstruction

In this paper the efficiency of dynamic PET direct reconstruction algorithm on noisy data has been studied. Monte Carlo simulation has been...

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Experimental Validation of Damper Insertion Effects on Applied Strain Uniformity in Static Elastography

Sato, Takayuki

Tags Elastography

Static elastography is expected to be mainly used to diagnose breast cancer. However, the elasticity estimated by the static elastography...

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EyeBallGUI: A Tool for Interactively Viewing and Marking Multi-Channel Bio-Signals for Artefacts

Mohr, Kieran ;   Nasseroleslami, Bahman ;   Iyer, Parameswaran M. ;   Hardiman, Orla ;   Lalor, Edmund

Tags EEG imaging

Visual inspection is a highly reliable method of artefact rejection for bio-signals, and in particular for electroencephalography. However,...

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Fiber-Type Hyperspectral Melanoma Screening System

Nagaoka, Takashi ;   Nakamura, Atsushi ;   Kiyohara, Yoshio ;   Sota, Takayuki

Tags Diffuse optical tomographyOptical imagingOptical molecular imaging

Early detection and proper excision of the primary lesions of melanoma are crucial for reducing melanoma-related deaths. In order to support...

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Focused Image Extraction from an Intraoral Microscopic Video Sequence

Wu, Chia-Hsiang ;   Hu, Po-Chi ;   Chang, Ting-Hao

Tags Image classification

In this study, we present a method for extracting focused images from an intraoral microscopic video sequence. We used several focused...

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High-Resolution 3D Imaging of Vessels in the Ischemic Rat Hind Limb for Collateral Quantification

Schwarz, Janina C. V. ;   Van Lier, Monique G. J. T. B. ;   Oost, Elco ;   Bakker, Erik N. T. P. ;   Spaan, Jos ;   Siebes, Maria

Tags Optical vascular imaging

Hind limb ischemia models are frequently used for studying arteriogenesis. We developed a method to image the vasculature in the ischemic rat...

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High-Speed Laser-Scanning Optical-Resolution Photoacoustic Microscopy based on Graphics Processing Unit

Lee, Sang-Won ;   Kang, Heesung ;   Lee, Eun-Soo ;   Kim, Se-Hwa ;   Lee, Tae Geol

Tags Optical imagingVolume renderingOptical vascular imaging

In this study, we applied a graphics processing unit to laser-scanning optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy (OR-PAM) for parallel signal...

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Hybrid Deformable Registration of 3D Breast Ultrasound Views

Costa, Matilde ;   Ermacora, Denis ;   Pesente, Silvia ;   Nicolucci, Alberto ;   Longo, Renata

Tags Deformable image registrationUltrasonic breast imaging

The ultrasound imaging (US) is an important modality for breast screening, due to its widely accepted ability of distinguishing low contrast...

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Improving Brain Parcellation for Graph Analysis. An Application in Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment

Basaia, Silvia ;   Agosta, Federica ;   Canu, Elisa ;   Galantucci, Sebastiano ;   Meani, Alessandro ;   Filippi, Massimo

Tags MR neuroimagingFunctional image analysisImage segmentation

The human connectome is a system of interconnected nodes. An essential step in the examination of functional and structural interactions is...

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Multi-Scale Hybrid Filter for Vasculature Extraction Enhancement

Abdeldayem, Sara ;   Yassine, Inas

Tags Multiscale analysisImage enhancementImage filtering

In this paper, we introduce a fast, simple, and fully automatic hybrid approach to extract the vascular structures. The proposed approach...

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Multiview Boosting for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Kwak, Jin Tae ;   Hewitt, Stephen ;   Xu, Sheng ;   Wood, Bradford

Tags Image classificationMultiscale analysisImage feature extraction

An automated histopathology image analysis has a great potential for improving cancer pathology today. Various methods have been developed...

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Pre and Post Liver Lesion Thermal Ablation FDG-PET: Background Driven GMM Segmentation

Moccia, Sara ;   Solbiati, Marco ;   Baselli, Giuseppe ;   Soffientini, Chiara Dolores ;   Solbiati, Luigi

Tags Image segmentationPET and SPECT Imaging applicationsFunctional image analysis

Two novel and innovative segmentation algorithms are presented, for liver metastases and necrotic tissues in pre- and post-ablation,...

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Quantitative Analysis for Detection of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Defects in Early Glaucoma

Oh, Jieun ;   Yang, Hee Kyung ;   Kim, Kwang Gi ;   Hwang, Jeong Min

Tags Retinal imagingImage segmentationImage enhancement

In this paper, we have proposed an automatic detection method for retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) defects on fundus photographs. In order...

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Segmentation of T Cells in Fluorescence Microscopy

Antoni, Sven-Thomas ;   Dabrowski, Adam ;   Schetelig, Daniel ;   Diercks, Björn-Philipp ;   Fliegert, Ralf ;   Werner, René ;   Wolf, Insa M. A. ;   Guse, Andreas H. ;   Schlaefer, Alexander

Tags Fluorescence microscopyImage segmentationImage filtering

In the adaptive immune system Calcium (Ca2+) is acting as a fundamental on-switch with. Fluorescence microscopy is used to study the...

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Smartphone-Based Multispectral Imaging System for Mobile Skin Care

Kim, Sewoong ;   Dongrae, Cho ;   Park, Jin Man ;   Lee, Boreom ;   Hwang, Jae Youn

Tags Optical imagingImage classificationImage feature extraction

A multispectral imaging system has shown great potential for quantitative detection of skin lesions. We here demonstrate a smartphone-based...

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Study on Characteristics of Magneto-Acoustic Signal from Different Thickness Phantoms

Zhang, Shunqi ;   Zhou, Xiaoqing ;   Yin, Tao ;   Liu, Zhipeng

Tags Electrical impedance imaging techniquesFunctional image analysisImage feature extraction

In this study, characteristics of acoustic waveforms, which are emitted from different thickness phantoms, is analyzed to explore the...

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Toward Radar based Stroke Imaging by Integrating a Priori Knowledge

Schmid, Jochen ;   Doessel, Olaf

Tags Image reconstruction - performance evaluationImage reconstruction - fast algorithms

The objective of this project is the early detection of stroke using microwaves. Here we report on the sensitivity of a delay-and-sum based...

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Validation of an Automatic Hard Tissue Segmentation Algorithm for Cone Beam CT Data

Codari, Marina ;   Caffini, Matteo ;   Rizzo, Ludovica ;   Rocco, Giulia ;   Tartaglia, Gianluca Martino ;   Baselli, Giuseppe ;   Sforza, Chiarella

Tags Image segmentationX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)Volume rendering

An automatic algorithm for hard tissue segmentation in CBCT data is presented and validated on 30 subjects. Bone segmentation threshold was...

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