Analyzing OCT Images of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Patients to Identify Spatial Health Correlations

Go, Susannah ;   Chundi, Parvathi ;   Subramaniam, Mahadevan ;   Margalit, Eyal

Tags Optical coherence tomographyImage segmentationRetinal imaging

An approach to automatically group age-related macular degeneration (AMD) patients having similar retinal health profiles by clustering Optical...

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Characterization of the Role of Collagen Network Structure and Composition in Cancer Cell Migration

Anguiano, María ;   Castilla, Carlos ;   Ma?ka, Martin ;   Ederra, Cristina ;   Fernández-Marqués, Javier ;   Peláez, Rafael ;   Rouzaut, Ana ;   Muñoz-Barrutia, Arrate ;   Kozubek, Michal ;   Ortiz-de-Solorzano, Carlos

Tags Fluorescence microscopyImage segmentationImage feature extraction

The geometry of 3D collagen networks is a key factor that influences the behavior of live cells within extracellular matrices. This paper...

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Morphological Analysis of Neurons: Automatic Identification of Elongations

Cosentino, Angela ;   Boni, Enrico ;   Pacini, Stefania ;   Branca, Jacopo ;   Morucci, Gabriele ;   Ruggiero, Marco ;   Bocchi, Leonardo

Tags Optical imagingImage segmentationImage feature extraction

Our study is focused on the development of a new method for the automatic analysis of cell images. We focused on neurons (cells line...

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Semiautomatic Detection of Villi in Confocal Endoscopy for the Evaluation of Celiac Disease

Boschetto, Davide ;   Mirzaei, Hadis ;   Leong, Rupert ;   Tarroni, Giacomo ;   Grisan, Enrico

Tags Confocal microscopyImage feature extractionImage segmentation

Celiac Disease (CD) is an immune-mediated enteropathy, diagnosed in the clinical practice by intestinal biopsy and the concomitant presence of...

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Simulation of Cellular Changes on Optical Coherence Tomography of Human Retina

Santos, Miriam ;   Araújo, Adérito ;   Barbeiro, Sílvia ;   Caramelo, Francisco ;   Correia, António Luís ;   Marques, Isabel ;   Pinto, Luís ;   Serranho, Pedro ;   Bernardes, Rui ;   Morgado, Miguel

Tags Optical coherence tomographyRetinal imaging

We present a methodology to assess cell level alterations on the human retina responsible for functional changes observable in the Optical...

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Unsupervised HEp-2 Mitosis Recognition in Indirect Immunofluorescence Imaging

Tonti, Simone ;   Di Cataldo, Santa ;   Macii, Enrico ;   Ficarra, Elisa

Tags Fluorescence microscopyImage classificationImage feature extraction

Automated HEp-2 mitotic cell recognition in IIF images is an important and yet scarcely explored step in the computer-aided diagnosis of...

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