3D Hand Movement Velocity Reconstruction using Power Spectral Density of EEG Signals and Neural Network

Korik, Attila ;   Siddique, Nazmul ;   Sosnik, Ronen ;   Coyle, Damien

Tags Time-frequency analysis of biosignalsNonlinear analysis of biomedical signalsNeural networks in biosignal processing and classification

Three dimensional (3D) limb motion trajectory is predictable with a non-invasive brain-computer interface (BCI). To date, most non-invasive...

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A Time-Frequency Respiration Tracking System using Non-Contact Bed Sensors with Harmonic Artifact Rejection

Beattie, Zachary Todd ;   Jacobs, Peter G. ;   Riley, Thomas ;   Hagen, Chad

Tags Time-frequency analysis of biosignals

Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder that affects many individuals and has been associated with serious health conditions such as...

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Comparison of EEG and MEG in Source Localization of Induced Human Gamma-Band Oscillations during Visual Stimulus

Mideksa, Kidist Gebremariam ;   Hogenboom, Nienke ;   Helge, Hellriegel ;   Krause, Holger ;   Schnitzler, Alfons ;   Gunther, Deuschl ;   Jan, Raethjen ;   Heute, Ulrich ;   Muthuraman, Muthuraman

Tags Signal processing in physiological systemsTime-frequency analysis of biosignalsNonlinear dynamics in biomedical signals

High frequency gamma oscillations are indications of information processing in cortical neuronal networks. Recently, non-invasive detection of...

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Effect of Negative and Positive Emotions on EEG Spectral Asymmetry

Orgo, Laura ;   Bachmann, Maie ;   Lass, Jaanus ;   Hinrikus, Hiie

Tags Time-frequency analysis of biosignals

The aim of the study was to evaluate the applicability of electroencephalogram (EEG) spectral asymmetry index (SASI) for discrimination of...

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Relating Tribological Stimuli to Somatosensory Electroencephalographic Responses

Oezguen, Novaf ;   Bennewitz, Roland ;   Strauss, Daniel J. ;   Schubert, J. Kristof ;   Bergmann, Ronny

Tags Time-frequency analysis of biosignalsPhase locking estimation in biosignal analysis

The present study deals with the extraction of neural correlates evoked by tactile stimulation of the human fingertip. A reciprocal sliding...

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Towards the Assessment of Listening Effort in Real Life Situations: Mobile EEG Recordings in a Multimodal Driving Situation

Damian, Angela ;   Corona-Strauss, Farah I. ;   Hannemann, Ronny ;   Strauss, Daniel J.

Tags Time-scale and waveletsPhase locking estimation in biosignal analysis

The EEG estimation of listening effort has been proven to efficiently map subjectively perceived effort on an objective scale. However, it...

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