Characterization of Parafoveal Hemodynamics Associated with Diabetic Retinopathy with Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy and Computational Fluid Dynamics

Bernabeu, Miguel O. ;   Lu, Yang ;   Lammer, Jan ;   Aiello, Lloyd P. ;   Peter, Coveney ;   Sun, Jennifer K.

Tags Biomedical data-driven modelingBiomechanics modelingPhysiome modeling

Diabetic retinopathy (DR) remains the leading cause of visual loss in working age adults in the United States and other developed countries...

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Computational Modelling of Fatty Acid Transport in the Human Placenta

Perazzolo, Simone ;   Hirschmugl, Birgit ;   Wadsack, Christian ;   Desoye, Gernot ;   Lewis, Rohan B. ;   Sengers, Bram G.

Tags Physiological systemsCell modelingParameter estimation

Fatty acids are critical for normal fetal growth and development. The placenta mediates the transfer of fatty acids from the maternal to...

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Mathematical Analysis of Dermal Absorption Rate of Heavy Metals

Batkin, Izmail ;   Bolic, Miodrag

Tags Physiological systemsParameter estimation

Presently 90 - 95% of children in the US wear disposable diapers before completing their toilet training at average age of 30 months. The...

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Mixed Model of Dietary Fat Effect on Postprandial Glucose-Insulin Metabolism from Carbohydrates in Type 1 Diabetes

Yamamoto Noguchi, Claudia Cecilia ;   Kunikane, Noriaki ;   Hashimoto, Shogo ;   Furutani, Eiko

Tags Physiome modelingPhysiological systems

In this study we introduce an extension of a previously developed model of glucose-insulin metabolism in type 1 diabetes (T1D) from...

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Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Synaptic Drive in Urinary Bladder Syncytium: A Computational Investigation

Sengupta, Nilapratim ;   Brain, Keith L. ;   Manchanda, Rohit

Tags Algorithms and techniques for systems modelingPhysiological systemsNetwork modeling

The urinary bladder wall is composed of the detrusor smooth muscle (DSM) in which adjacent cells are electrically coupled to form a three...

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Tissue Specific Simulations of Interstitial Cells of Cajal Networks using Unstructured Meshes

Sathar, Shameer ;   Trew, Mark L. ;   Cheng, Leo K

Tags Multiscale modelingPhysiome modelingPhysiological systems

Gastrointestinal motility is facilitated by specialized pacemaker cells called Interstitial Cells of Cajal (ICC). ICC play a critical role in...

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