A Disposable Emulsion Droplet Generation Lab Chips Driven by Vacuum Module for Manipulation of Blood Cells

Lee, Chia-Hung ;   Hong, Chien-Chong

Tags Micrototal analysis and lab-on-chip systemsMicrofluidic techniques, methods and systemsMicrofluidics in biological applications

This paper presents a novel disposable emulsion droplet generation lab chip driven by vacuum module for monodisperse emulsions generation and...

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A Novel Multiple Electrode Direct Current Technique for Characterisation of Tissue Resistance during Surgery

Chandler, James ;   Jayne, David ;   Neville, Anne ;   Culmer, Peter

Tags New sensing techniquesBioelectric sensing methodsBiolelectric sensors and sensor systems

Electrochemical and electrical characteristics have the potential to help differentiate between, and assess the health state of, different...

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Embedded Electro-Conductive Yarn for Shape Sensing of Soft Robotic Manipulators

Wurdemann, Helge Arne ;   Sareh, Sina ;   Shafti, Ali ;   Noh, Yohan ;   Faragasso, Angela ;   Katudampe Vithanage, Damith Suresh Chathuranga ;   Liu, Hongbin ;   Hirai, Shinichi ;   Althoefer, Kaspar

Tags New sensing techniquesSmart textile and clothesIntegrated sensor systems

Flexible soft and stiffness-controllable surgical manipulators enhance the manoeuvrability of surgical tools during Minimally Invasive Surgery...

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Stretchable Metal Oxide Thin Film Transistors on Engineered Substrate for Electronic Skin Applications

Romeo, Alessia ;   Lacour, St├ęphanie

Tags Micro- and nano-technologyWearable systems

Electronic skins aim at providing distributed sensing and computation in a large-area and elastic membrane. Control and addressing of...

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Surface Texture Detection with Artificial Fingers

Mohamad Hanif, Noor Hazrin Hany ;   Chappell, Paul ;   Cranny, Andy ;   White, Neil

Tags Prosthetic devicesNew sensing techniques

This paper highlights the potential of using prosthetic devices to sense surface textures; an important characteristic of a lower arm that...

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Wireless Data and Power Transfer of an Optogenetic Implantable Visual Cortex Stimulator

Fattah, Nabeel ;   Laha, Soumyasanta ;   Sokolov, Danil ;   Chester, Eric Graeme ;   Degenaar, Patrick

Tags Prosthetic devicesWireless sensors and systemsImplantable systems

In this paper, the wireless data and power transfer for a novel optogenetic visual cortex implant system was demonstrated by using pork...

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