An Analysis on Driver Drowsiness based on Reaction Time and EEG Band Power

Foong, Ruyi ;   Ang, Kai Keng ;   Quek, Chai ;   Guan, Cuntai ;   Phyo Wai, Aung Aung

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceNeural signals - Time-frequency analysisHuman performance - Drowsiness and microsleeps

Falling asleep during driving is a serious problem that has resulted in fatal accidents worldwide. Thus, there is a need to detect driver...

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Evaluation of the Audio Bracelet for Blind Interaction for Improving Mobility and Spatial Cognition in Early Blind Children – A Pilot Study

Finocchietti, Sara ;   Cappagli, Giulia ;   Porquis, Lope Ben ;   Baud-Bovy, Gabriel ;   Cocchi, Elena ;   Gori, Monica

Tags Human performance - CognitionRehabilitation

This study was designed to assess the effectiveness of the Audio Bracelet for Blind Interaction (ABBI) system for improving mobility and...

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Eye Tracking and EEG Synchronization to Analyze Microsaccades during a Workload Task

Bodala, Indu Prasad ;   Kukreja, Sunil ;   Li, Junhua ;   Thakor, Nitish ;   Al-Nashash, Hasan

Tags Human performance - CognitionBrain functional imaging - EEGHuman performance - Engineering

Electroencephalography (EEG) and eye tracking are two fields that have evolved independently to study topics such as mental workload,...

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Fundamental Study of Functional Changes to Female Brain Induced by Pregnancy and Childbirth

Kotani, Hiroko ;   Matsuno, Maka ;   Nakagawa, Hidenori

Tags Human performance - CognitionHuman performanceRehabilitation - Cognition

In this study, we investigated variations in a women’s cognitive function during a time of pregnancy and childbearing. Volunteers were...

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Handedness Change after Dominant Side Amputation: Evaluation from a Hand Laterality Judgment Task

Guo, Xiaoli ;   Lyu, Yuanyuan ;   Bekrater-Bodmann, Robin ;   Flor, Herta ;   Tong, Shanbao

Tags Human performance - CognitionNeurological disorders

Amputation of the dominant hand forces patients to use their non-dominant hand exclusively. Whether this chronic forced use of the...

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The First Impression is What Matters: A Neuroaesthetic Study of the Cerebral Perception and Appreciation of Paintings by Titian

Babiloni, Francesca ;   Rossi, Dario ;   Picconi, Daniela ;   Vecchiato, Giovanni ;   De Vico Fallani, Fabrizio ;   Chavez, Mario ;   Trettel, Arianna ;   Babiloni, Fabio ;   Cherubino, Patrizia

Tags Human performance - CognitionHuman performance - Attention and vigilanceHuman performance - Activities of daily living

In this paper we measured the neuroelectrical and the eye-movements activities in a group of 27 healthy subjects during their visit of a fine...

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