Automatic Cerebral Microbleeds Detection from MR Images via Independent Subspace Analysis based Hierarchical Features

Dou, Qi ;   Chen, Hao ;   Yu, Lequan ;   Shi, Lin ;   Wang, Defeng ;   Mok, Vincent CT ;   Heng, Pheng Ann

Tags Image feature extractionBrain image analysis

With the development of susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI) technology, cerebral microbleed (CMB) detection is increasingly essential in...

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Comparative Analysis of Different Hip Implants within a Realistic Human Model Located Inside a 1.5T MRI Whole Body RF Coil

Kozlov, Mikhail ;   Noetscher, Gregory ;   Nazarian, Ara ;   Makarov, Sergey

Tags MRI RF coil technology

Temperature rise in surrounding tissues of a large orthopedic metallic implant subject to MRI is a significant point of concern today....

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Investigation of the Performance of Variable-Density Z-Spectrum Acquisition Scheme in MR Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer Effect Quantification

Yang, Shasha ;   Wu, Yin

Tags MR molecular imaging

Chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) MRI emerges as a powerful imaging method to probe chemical exchange between bulk water and...

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Mapping of Arterial Location for the Design of Automated Identification and Analysis Algorithms in Whole Body MRA

McCormick, Lynne ;   Weir-McCall, Jonathan ;   Gandy, Stephen ;   White, Richard ;   McNeil, Andrew ;   Trucco, Emanuele ;   Houston, J Graeme

Tags MR angiographic imagingCardiac imaging and image analysis

Technological and medical advances have led to the realisation of full body imaging, with systemic diagnostic approaches becoming increasingly...

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Quantification of Errors in Cerebral Blood Flow Measurements Due to Dispersion in Arterial Spin Labelling

Mehta, Rutej ;   Chappell, Michael

Tags MR angiographic imaging

The accuracy of cerebral blood flow (CBF) measurements using arterial spin labelling (ASL) is particularly affected by dispersion. In spite of...

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Tag Removal in Cardiac Tagged MRI Images using Coupled Dictionary Learning

Makram, Abram ;   Rushdi, Muhammad ;   Khalifa, Ayman ;   El-Wakad, Mohamed Tarek

Tags MR-specific image reconstruction

Tagged Magnetic Resonance Imaging (tMRI) is considered to be the gold standard for quantitative assessment of the cardiac local functions....

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