A Parametric Probabilistic Context-Free Grammar for Food Intake Analysis based on Continuous Meal Weight Measurements

Papapanagiotou, Vasileios ;   Diou, Christos ;   Langlet, Billy ;   Ioakimidis, Ioannis ;   Delopoulos, Anastasios

Tags Biomedical signal classification

Monitoring and modification of eating behaviour through continuous meal weight measurements has been successfully applied in clinical practice...

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A Robust Heartbeat Detector not Depending on ECG Sampling Rate

Augustyniak, Piotr

Tags Signals and systemsParametric filtering and estimationNonlinear analysis of biomedical signals

All ECG processing algorithms start with heart beat detection, making the reliability of this step crucial for the quality of the whole...

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Accurate Measurement of Respiratory Airflow Waveforms using Depth Data

Seppänen, Tiina Maarit ;   Kananen, Janne ;   Noponen, Kai ;   Alho, Olli-Pekka ;   Seppänen, Tapio

Tags Signal processing in physiological systemsParametric filtering and estimation

Respiratory disorders are a very common and growing health problem. Signal waveforms of respiratory airflow and volume may indicate...

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Fast and Effective Estimation of Narrowband Components for Bioelectrical Signals

Fasano, Antonio ;   Villani, Valeria

Tags Parametric filtering and estimationAdaptive filtering

In this paper we propose a novel approach for estimating narrowband components from bioelectrical signals. The approach is based on the...

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From Molecular Model to Sparse Representation of Chromatographic Signals with an Unknown Number of Peaks

Bertholon, François ;   Harant, Olivier ;   Foan, Louise ;   Vignoud, Séverine ;   Jutten, Christian ;   Grangeat, Pierre

Tags Parametric filtering and estimationBlind source separationSignals and systems

Analysis of a fluid mixture using a chromatographic system is a standard technique for many biomedical applications such as in-vitro diagnostic...

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Semi-Supervised Segmentation of EEG Data in BCI Systems

Camilleri, Tracey ;   Camilleri, Kenneth Patrick ;   Fabri, Simon G.

Tags Parametric filtering and estimationBiomedical signal classification

This work investigates the use of a semi-supervised, autoregressive switching multiple model (AR-SMM) framework for the segmentation of EEG...

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