A Simulation Model to Study the Role of the Extracranial Venous Drainage Pathways in Intracranial Hemodynamics

Gadda, Giacomo ;   Taibi, Angelo ;   Sisini, Francesco ;   Gambaccini, Mauro ;   Sethi, Sean ;   Utriainen, David ;   Haacke, Mark ;   Zamboni, Paolo ;   Ursino, Mauro

Tags Circulation modelsCompartmental modelsBlood flow models

Alterations in the extracranial venous circulation due to posture changes, and/or extracranial venous obstructions in patients with vascular...

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Cardiorespiratory Adaptation to Breath-Holding in Air: Analysis via a Cardiopulmonary Simulation Model

Albanese, Antonio ;   Cheng, Limei ;   Ursino, Mauro ;   Chbat, Nicolas W.

Tags Cardiorespiratory modelsCardiovascular modelsAutonomic nervous system

Apnea via breath-holding (BH) in air induces cardiorespiratory adaptation that involves the activation of several reflex mechanisms and their...

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Modeling of Deep Breath Vasoconstriction Reflex

Chalacheva, Patjanaporn ;   Khoo, Michael

Tags Cardiorespiratory modelsCirculation modelsCardiovascular models

Deep breaths akin to sighs have been reported to cause peripheral vasoconstriction. Our previous simulation studies have shown that this...

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On the Roles of Vascular Smooth Muscle Contraction in Cerebral Blood Flow Autoregulation – A Modeling Perspective

Yang, Jin ;   Clark, John W.

Tags Circulation modelsVascular mechanics

We here review existing models of vascular smooth muscle cell, endothelial cell and cell-cell communication, which have been developed to better...

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Verification and Validation of Physiology Simulators

van Oostrom, Johannes ;   Wehry, Hillary

Tags Gas exchange modelsRespiratory models

We describe a general method to provide verification and validation of physiological simulators. An application of the method (gas exchange...

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