An Automated and High-Throughput Photomotor Response Platform for Chemical Screens

Marcato, Daniel ;   Alshut, Rüdiger ;   Helmut, Breitwieser ;   Mikut, Ralf ;   Strähle, Uwe ;   Pylatiuk, Christian ;   Peravali, Ravindra

Tags Infra-red imagingImage segmentationImage feature extraction

The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a well-established vertebrate model organism. Its embryos are used extensively in biology and medicine to...

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Computer-Based Automatic Identification of Neurons in Gigavoxel-Sized 3D Human Brain Images

Soda, Paolo ;   Acciai, Ludovica ;   Cordelli, Ermanno ;   Costantini, Irene ;   Sacconi, Leonardo ;   Pavone, Francesco Saverio ;   Conti, Valerio ;   Guerrini, Renzo ;   Frasconi, Paolo ;   Iannello, Giulio

Tags Brain image analysisMulti photon imagingImage classification

Achieving a comprehensive knowledge of the human brain cytoarchitecture is a fundamental step to understand how the nervous system works,...

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High-Sensitive and High-Efficient Biochemical Analysis Method using a Bionic Electronic Eye in Combination with a Smartphone-Based Colorimetric Reader System

Su, Kaiqi ;   Quchao Zou, Cnqczou ;   Hu, Ning ;   Wang, Ping

Tags Optical imagingImage classification

Bionic electronic eye (Bionic e-Eye), a developed smartphone-based colorimetric reader system, consists of smartphone or pad (iPhone 4s or...

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High-Throughput Analysis of Tissue-Based Biomarkers in Digital Pathology

Van Eycke, Yves-Rémi ;   Debeir, Olivier ;   Verset, Laurine ;   Demetter, Pieter ;   Salmon, Isabelle ;   Decaestecker, Christine

Tags Multiscale analysisRigid-body image registrationImage feature extraction

By simultaneously processing a large number of tissue samples, the tissue microarray (TMA) technology allows standardized screening of...

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Large Scale Fusion of Brain Imaging Modalities and Features using Markov-Style Dynamics in a Feature Meta-Space

Miller, Robyn ;   Vergara, Victor Manuel ;   Calhoun, Vince

Tags Brain image analysisMultivariate image analysisMultimodal imaging

Brain imaging technology provides a way to sample various aspects of the brain albeit incompletely, providing a rich set of features crossing...

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Leveraging the Crowd for Annotation of Retinal Images

Leifman, George ;   Swedish, Tristan ;   Roesch, Karin ;   Raskar, Ramesh

Tags Retinal imaging

Medical data presents a number of challenges. It tends to be unstructured, noisy and protected. To train algorithms to understand medical...

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