Blood Pressure and Pulse Interval Coupling: A Copula Approach

Bajic, Dragana ;   Loncar-Turukalo, Tatjana ;   Skoric, Tamara ;   Japundzic-Zigon, Nina

Tags Multivariate signal processingNonlinear coupling of biomedical signalsSignal processing in physiological systems

In this paper a copula approach is applied as a tool for assessing the measure of statistical dependence of parallel cardiovascular time...

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Cardiorespiratory Phase Synchronization in OSA Subjects during Wake and Sleep States

Solà-Soler, Jordi ;   Giraldo, Beatriz ;   Fiz Fernandez, José Antonio ;   Jané, Raimon

Tags Phase locking estimation in biosignal analysisNonlinear synchronization of biomedical signalsNonlinear coupling of biomedical signals

Cardiorespiratory Phase Synchronization (CRPS) is a manifestation of coupling between cardiac and respiratory systems complementary to...

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Complexity of Cerebral Blood Flow Velocity and Arterial Blood Pressure in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage using Time-Frequency Analysis

Placek, Michal Marcin ;   Wachel, Pawel ;   Czosnyka, Marek ;   Soehle, Martin ;   Smielewski, Peter ;   Kasprowicz, Magdalena

Tags Time-frequency analysis of biosignalsNonstationary processing of biomedical signalsSignal processing in physiological systems

We investigated changes of time-frequency (TF) complexity, in terms of Rényi entropy and a measure of concentration, of middle cerebral...

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Dynamic Response of Cardiac Autonomic Nervous System Activity to Habitual Exercise during Gradual Variation of Breathing Frequency

Nakamura, Hideo

Tags Signal processing in physiological systemsNonlinear analysis of biomedical signalsNonlinear dynamics in biomedical signals

The purpose of this study is to measure cardiac autonomic nervous system activity during breathing control with gradual alteration of the...

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Recurrence Quantification Analysis Applied to Spatiotemporal Pattern Analysis in High-Density Mapping of Human Atrial Fibrillation

Zeemering, Stef ;   Bonizzi, Pietro ;   Maesen, Bart ;   Peeters, Ralf ;   Schotten, Ulrich

Tags Nonlinear dynamics in biomedical signalsPrincipal component analysisBiomedical signal classification

Spatiotemporal complexity of atrial fibrillation (AF) patterns is often quantified by annotated intracardiac contact mapping. We introduce a...

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