A Breath Sampling System Assessing the Influence of Respiratory Rate on Exhaled Breath Composition

Lomonaco, Tommaso ;   Salvo, Pietro ;   Ghimenti, Silvia ;   Biagini, Denise ;   Bellagambi, Francesca ;   Fuoco, Roger ;   Di Francesco, Fabio

Tags Physiological monitoringChemical sensors and systems

This work presents a computerized system to monitor mouth pressure, tidal volume, exhaled airflow, respiration rate and end-tidal partial...

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Capacitive ECG Recording and Beat-to-Beat Interval Estimation after Major Cardiac Event

Leicht, Lennart ;   Skobel, Erik ;   Mathissen, Marcel ;   Leonhardt, Steffen ;   Weyer, Sören ;   Wartzek, Tobias ;   Reith, Sebastian ;   Möhler, Werner ;   Teichmann, Daniel

Tags Physiological monitoring

Today, heart diseases are the most common cause of death in the U.S.. Due to improved healthcare, more and more patients survive a major...

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Distributed Pressure Sensors for a Urethral Catheter

Ahmadi, Mahdi ;   Rajamani, Rajesh ;   Timm, Gerald W. ;   Sezen, A. Serdar

Tags Micro- and nano-sensorsPhysiological monitoringMicro- and nano-technology

A flexible strip that incorporates multiple pressure sensors and is capable of being fixed to a urethral catheter is developed. The urethral...

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Estimation of Physiological Sub-Millimeter Displacement with CW Doppler Radar

Xu, Jia ;   Gao, Xiaomeng ;   Padasdao, Bryson ;   Boric-Lubecke, Olga

Tags Physiological monitoringWireless sensors and systems

Doppler radar physiological sensing has been studied for non-contact detection of vital signs including respiratory and heartbeat rates. This...

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Noninvasive Ambulatory Measurement System of Cardiac Activity

Pino, Esteban J ;   Chávez, Javier A. P. ;   Aqueveque, Pablo

Tags Mechanical sensors and systemsPhysiological monitoringWireless sensors and systems

This work implements a noninvasive system that measures the movements caused by cardiac activity. It uses unobtrusive Electro-Mechanical...

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Sleep Stage Classification by Body Movement Index and Respiratory Interval Indices using Multiple Radar Sensors

Kagawa, Masayuki ;   Noriyuki, Sasaki ;   Suzumura, Kazuki ;   Matsui, Takemi

Tags Physiological monitoringLow power, wireless sensing methodsBiological sensors and systems

Disturbed sleep has become more common in recent years. To increase the quality of sleep, undergoing sleep observation has gained interest...

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