Comparing Features Extractors in EEG-Based Cognitive Fatigue Detection of Demanding Computer Tasks

Chai, Rifai ;   Smith, Mitchell Robert ;   Nguyen, Tuan Nghia ;   Ling, Steve ;   Coutts, Aaron James ;   Nguyen, Hung T.

Tags Human performance - FatigueNeural signal processingHuman performance - Attention and vigilance

An electroencephalography (EEG)-based classification system could be used as a tool for detecting cognitive fatigue from demanding computer...

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Deducing the Reachable Space from Fingertip Positions

Pham, Hai Trieu ;   Pathirana, Pubudu N.

Tags Human performanceRehabilitationHuman performance - Activities of daily living

The reachable space of the hand has received significant interests in the past from relevant medical researchers and health professionals....

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Dependence of Gait Parameters on Height in Typically Developing Children

Agostini, Valentina ;   Nascimbeni, Alberto ;   Di Nardo, Francesco ;   Fioretti, Sandro ;   Burattini, Laura ;   Knaflitz, Marco

Tags Human performance - GaitRehabilitation - Locomotion

In clinical gait analysis is fundamental to have available normative data, to be used as a reference in the interpretation of pathological...

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Evaluation of Passive Polarized Stereoscopic 3D Display for Visual and Mental Fatigues

Amin, Hafeez Ullah ;   Malik, Aamir Saeed ;   Wajid, Mumtaz ;   Badruddin, Nasreen ;   Kamel, Nidal

Tags Human performance - FatigueRehabilitation - CognitionNeural signal processing

Visual and mental fatigues induced by active shutter stereoscopic 3D (S3D) display have been reported using event-related brain potentials...

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Shifting the Balance of Human Standing: Inter-Limb Coordination for the Control of a Robotic Balance Simulation

Wang, Philip ;   Forbes, Patrick ;   Croft, Elizabeth Anne ;   Van der Loos, H. F. Machiel ;   Blouin, Jean-S├ębastien

Tags Human performanceRehabilitation - Stroke

Learning to maintain standing balance in the presence of a paretic limb is an important recovery process for many stroke survivors. In this...

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The Effect of Behavioral Preferences on Skill Acquisition in Determining Unspecified, Suitable Action Patterns to Control Humanoid Robots

Takayama, Taiki ;   Watanabe, Tetsuyou

Tags Human performance - Ergonomics and human factorsHuman performanceHuman performance - Sensory-motor

This research investigated the effect of behavioral preferences on learning efficiency when attempting to determine unspecified, but suitable...

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