A Method for Voltage Measurements of Cancerous vs Non-Cancerous Omentum

Wu, Wen ;   Vitharana, Kalpani ;   Gorgy, Tommy ;   Paterson, Andrew ;   Cunnea, Paula ;   Gabra, Hani ;   Fotopoulou, Christina ;   Boutelle, Martyn G. ;   Drakakis, Emmanuel M.

Tags Bioelectric sensing methodsChemical sensors and systems

This paper presents and elaborates upon the practicalities of a method which enables the recording of voltage measurements from omental...

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A Miniaturized Monitoring System for Electrochemical Biosensing using Shewanella Oneidensis in Environmental Applications

Zhou, Alyssa ;   Zajdel, Tom ;   TerAvest, Michaela ;   Maharbiz, Michel

Tags Biolelectric sensors and sensor systems

We present a miniaturized, free-floating monitoring system which makes use of electron transfer in Shewanella oneidensis sequestered behind a...

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An RFID-Based On-Lens Sensor System for Long-Term IOP Monitoring

Hsu, Shun-Hsi ;   Chiou, Jin-Chern ;   Liao, Yu-Te ;   Yang, Tzu-Sen ;   Kuei, Cheng-Kai ;   Wu, Tsung-Wei ;   Huang, Yu-Chieh

Tags Biolelectric sensors and sensor systemsIntegrated sensor systemsWireless sensors and systems

In this paper, an RFID-based on-lens sensor system is proposed for noninvasive long-term intraocular pressure monitoring. The proposed...

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Electrochemistry Provides a Simple Way to Monitor Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Metabolites

Oziat, Julie ;   Elsen, Sylvie ;   Owens, Roisin M. ;   Malliaras, George ;   Mailley, Pascal

Tags Bioelectric sensing methodsChemo/bio-sensing techniquesChemical sensors and systems

<i>Pseudomonas aeruginosa </i> is one of the most common bacteria responsible for nosocomial infections. To imagine new therapies,...

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High-Channel-Count, High-Density Microelectrode Array for Closed-Loop Investigation of Neuronal Networks

Tsai, David ;   John, Esha ;   Chari, Tarun ;   Yuste, Rafael ;   Shepard, Kenneth

Tags Biolelectric sensors and sensor systemsBiological sensors and systems

We present a system for large-scale electrophysiological recording and stimulation of neural tissue with a planar topology. The recording...

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The Effects of Temperature Changes on Retinal Ganglion Cell Responses to Electrical Stimulation

Maturana, Matias ;   Apollo, Nicholas V. ;   Garrett, David J. ;   Kameneva, Tatiana ;   Meffin, Hamish ;   Ibbotson, Michael R ;   Cloherty, Shaun L. ;   Grayden, David B.

Tags Bioelectric sensing methodsBiocompatibility of implantable sensorsPhysiological monitoring

Little is known about how the retina’s response to electrical stimulation is modified by temperatures. In vitro experiments are often used to...

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