A Compressed Sensing based Approach on Discrete Algebraic Reconstruction Technique

Demircan Tureyen, Ezgi ;   Kamasak, Mustafa

Tags Iterative image reconstructionCompressive sensing/samplingImage segmentation

Discrete tomography (DT) techniques are capable of computing better results, even using less number of projections than the continuous...

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A Novel 3D Cartesian Random Sampling Strategy for Compressive Sensing Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Valvano, Giuseppe ;   Martini, Nicola ;   Santarelli, Maria Filomena ;   Chiappino, Dante ;   Landini, Luigi

Tags Compressive sensing/samplingMRI pulse sequenceMR-specific image reconstruction

In this work we propose a novel acquisition strategy for accelerated 3D Compressive Sensing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CS-MRI). This...

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An Easily-Achieved Time-Domain Beamformer for Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging based on Compressive Sensing

Wang, Congzhi ;   Peng, Xi ;   Liang, Dong ;   Xiao, Yang ;   Qiu, Weibao ;   Qian, Ming ;   Zheng, Hairong

Tags Compressive sensing/sampling

In ultrafast ultrasound imaging technique, how to maintain the high frame rate, and at the same time to improve the image quality as far as...

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Fast Reference based MRI

Weizman, Lior ;   Eldar, Yonina ;   Eilam, Alon ;   Londner, Samuel ;   Artzi, Moran ;   Ben Bashat, Dafna

Tags MR-specific image reconstructionMR neuroimaging

In many clinical MRI scenarios, existing imaging information can be used to significantly shorten acquisition time or improve Signal to Noise Ratio...

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High Temporal Resolution Functional MRI with Partial Separability Model

Ngo, Giang Chau ;   Holtrop, Joseph ;   Fu, Maojing ;   Lam, Fan ;   Sutton, Bradley P.

Tags MR neuroimagingMR-specific image reconstructionCompressive sensing/sampling

Even though the hemodynamic response is a slow phenomenon, high temporal resolution in functional fMRI can enable better differentiation...

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Reference Guided CS-MRI with Gradient Orientation Priors

Peng, Xi ;   Zhu, Qingyong ;   Wang, Shanshan ;   Liang, Dong

Tags Regularized image reconstructionCompressive sensing/samplingMR-specific image reconstruction

The theory of Compressed sensing (CS) provides a systematic framework for MR image reconstruction from under-sampled k-space data....

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