A Clinically Oriented System for Melanoma Diagnosis using a Color Representation

Barata, Catarina ;   Celebi, M. Emre ;   Marques, Jorge

Tags Image classificationImage feature extractionImage segmentation

Computer Aided-Diagnosis (CAD) systems have been proposed to help dermatologists diagnose melanomas. However, these systems fail to provide...

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Analysis of White Blood Cell Dynamics in Nailfold Capillaries

Bourquard, Aurelien ;   Butterworth, Ian Richard ;   Sanchez-Ferro, Alvaro ;   Giancardo, Luca ;   Soenksen, Luis Ruben ;   Cerrato, Carolina ;   Flores, Rafael ;   Castro-Gonzalez, Carlos

Tags Image feature extractionImage segmentationImage enhancement

Based on video data acquired with low-cost, portable microscopy equipment, we introduce a semi-automatic method to count visual gaps in the...

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Analyzing Dynamic Cellular Morphology in Time-Lapsed Images Enabled by Cellular Deformation Pattern Recognition

Li, Heng ;   Liu, Zhiwen ;   Pang, Fengqian ;   Fan, Zheyi ;   Shi, Yonggang

Tags Image feature extractionImage classification

Computational analysis of cellular morphology aims to provide quantitative information of the global organizational and physiological state of...

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Bacterial Colony Counting by Convolutional Neural Networks

Ferrari, Alessandro ;   Lombardi, Stefano ;   Signoroni, Alberto

Tags Image classificationImage feature extraction

Counting bacterial colonies on microbiological culture plates is a time-consuming, error-prone, nevertheless fundamental task in microbiology....

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Morphological Analysis and Feature Extraction of Neurons from Mouse Cortices Multiscale 3D Microscopic Images

Zubiolo, Alexis ;   Harb, Kawssar ;   Studer, Michèle ;   Debreuve, Eric ;   Descombes, Xavier

Tags Image feature extractionMultiscale analysisBrain image analysis

In this paper, we propose a framework to analyze the morphology of mouse neurons in the layer V of the cortex from 3D microscopic images....

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The Detection of Breathing Behavior using Eulerian-Enhanced Thermal Video

Bennett, Stephanie Louise ;   Goubran, Rafik A. ;   Knoefel, Frank-Dietrich

Tags Image feature extractionInfra-red imagingImage enhancement

The current gold standard for detecting and distinguishing between types of sleep apnea is expensive and invasive. This paper aims to examine...

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