Comparison of Brain Network Models using Cross-Frequency Coupling and Attack Strategies

Antonakakis, Marios ;   Dimitriadis, Stavros ;   Zervakis, Michalis ;   Rezaie, Roozbeh ;   Babajani-Feremi, Abbas ;   Micheloyannis, Sifis ;   Zouridakis, George ;   Papanicolaou, Andrew

Tags Nonlinear coupling of biomedical signalsNonlinear synchronization of biomedical signalsConnectivity measurements

Several neuroimaging studies have suggested that functional brain connectivity networks exhibit “small-world” characteristics, whereas recent...

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Convergent Cross Mapping: Basic Concept, Influence of Estimation Parameters and Practical Application

Schiecke, Karin ;   Pester, Britta ;   Feucht, Martha ;   Leistritz, Lutz ;   Witte, Herbert

Tags Nonlinear analysis of biomedical signalsCausality

In neuroscience, data are typically generated from neural network activity. Complex interactions between measured time series are involved,...

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Evaluation of Resting-State Magnetoencephalogram Complexity in Alzheimer's Disease with Multivariate Multiscale Permutation and Sample Entropies

Azami, Hamed ;   Smith, Keith ;   Fernandez, Alberto ;   Escudero, Javier

Tags Nonlinear analysis of biomedical signalsMultivariate signal processing

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is one of the fastest growing neurological diseases in the world. We evaluate multivariate multiscale sample entropy...

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Nonlinear Analysis of EEG in Major Depression with Fractal Dimensions

Akdemir Akar, Saime ;   Kara, Sadik ;   Agambayev, Sümeyra ;   Bilgic, Vedat

Tags Nonlinear analysis of biomedical signals

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a psychiatric mood disorder characterized by cognitive and functional impairments in attention,...

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Spatial Variation in Automated Burst Suppression Detection in Pharmacologically Induced Coma

An, Jingzhi ;   Jonnalagadda, Durga ;   Moura Junior, Valdery ;   Purdon, Patrick L ;   Brown, Emery N ;   Westover, Brandon

Tags Signal processing in physiological systems

Burst suppression is actively studied as a control signal to guide anesthetic dosing in patients undergoing medically induced coma. The ability...

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Volume Conduction Effects on Bivariate Lempel-Ziv Complexity of Alzheimer's Disease Electroencephalograms

Simons, Samantha ;   Abasolo, Daniel ;   Sauseng, Paul

Tags Nonlinear analysis of biomedical signalsBiomedical signal classification

The spurious increase in coherence of electroencephalogram (EEG) signals between distant electrode points has long been understood to be...

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