Ageing of the Couplings between Cardiac, Respiratory and Myogenic Activity in Humans

Ticcinelli, Valentina ;   Stankovski, Tomislav ;   McClintock, Peter V. E. ;   Stefanovska, Aneta

Tags Blood flowNon-linear cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory relationsCardiovascular signal processing

The balance and functionality of the cardiovascular system are maintained by a network of couplings between the different oscillations...

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Analysis of Microvascular Perfusion with Multi-Dimensional Complete Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition with Adaptive Noise Algorithm: Processing of Laser Speckle Contrast Images Recorded in Healthy Subjects, at Rest and during Acetylcholine Stimulation

Humeau-Heurtier, Anne ;   Marche, Pauline ;   Dubois, Severine ;   Mahé, Guillaume

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingBlood flow

Laser speckle contrast imaging (LSCI) is a full-field imaging modality to monitor microvascular blood flow. It is able to give images with high...

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Analysis of the Microcirculatory Pulse Wave: Age-Related Alterations

Straface, Giada ;   Landini, Luigi ;   Barrella, Massimo ;   Bevilacqua, Maurizio ;   Evangelisti, Attilio ;   Bocchi, Leonardo

Tags Blood flow modelsCirculation models

Morphological analysis of the pulse wave of central blood pressure signal is commonly used for the study of cardiac and vascular properties,...

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Monitoring the Microcirculation at the Bedside using Hand-Held Imaging Microscopes: Automatic Tracking of Erythrocytes

Sorelli, Michele ;   Bocchi, Leonardo ;   Ince, Can

Tags Cardiovascular flow and hemodynamics

In recent years, the development of portable microscopy devices that enable the noninvasive bedside evaluation of the mucosal microcirculation...

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Skin Blood Flow and Temperature Oscillations during Cold Pressor Test

Mizeva, Irina ;   Frick, Peter ;   Podtaev, Sergey

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingBlood flow modelsCardiovascular models

We study the relationship between the blood flow and skin temperature variations under a cold pressor test.8 healthy subjects participated...

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Wavelet Analysis of the Laser Doppler Signal to Assess Skin Perfusion

Bagno, Andrea ;   Martini, Romeo

Tags Cardiovascular signal processing

The hemodynamics of skin microcirculation can be clinically assessed by means of Laser Doppler Fluxmetry. Laser Doppler signals show periodic...

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