A Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program at University of Cuenca, Ecuador

La Cruz, Alexandra ;   Medina, RubĂ©n ;   Morocho, Villie ;   Vanegas, Pablo ;   Wong C, Sara

Tags Career development in BME

A graduate program in Biomedical Engineering (BME) is presented. This program is suported by the Prometeo Project of the Ministry of Higher...

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Global Engineering Teams: Enhanced Capstone Design Experience

Ledet, Eric ;   Parkinson, Matthew ;   Eisenberg, Marco ;   Scheffer, Cornie

Tags Novel approaches to BME educationTeaching designBME and global health

Global Engineering Teams (GET) provides an international interdisciplinary design experience for engineering students. Relative to the...

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Ay, Ayse Nur ;   Nath, Rajon ;   Ottenberg, Florian ;   Lissel, Alexandra ;   Bracio, Boris Romanus

Tags Teaching designInstruction and learningTechnology and services for assisted-living

Radio-Frequency Identification is a technology which is generally used with tracking systems. This technology includes tags and readers which...

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