A Comparison of EEG Power Spectral and Wavelet Features in Concussed Cohorts using Support Vector Machine

Garg, Saurabh ;   Yeung, Arnold ;   Garudadri, Harinath ;   Virji-Babul, Naznin

Tags Neurological disorders - Diagnostic and evaluation techniquesNeurological disorders - Traumatic brain injuryNeural signals - Time-frequency analysis

EEG power spectral features and wavelet features have independently shown changes in brain activity due to concussions. In this study, we...

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Acute Trial of Closed Loop Deep Brain Stimulation in Tourette Syndrome

Shute, Jonathan ;   Opri, Enrico ;   Molina, Rene ;   Foote, Kelly ;   Okun, Michael ;   Gunduz, Aysegul

Tags Neural stimulation - Deep brainNeural signals - Detection of transient eventsNeurological disorders - Treatment methodologies

Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a paroxysmal neuropsychiatric disorder characterized by involuntary movements and/or vocal outbursts known as...

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AI Mapping for Artificial Ethological Communication System

Bianco, Maria Giovanna ;   De Villers Sidani, Etienne ;   Pullano, Salvatore A. ;   Fiorillo, Antonino S.

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceNeural stimulationNeural signals - Time-frequency analysis

In this study we present preliminary data on the rats’ Ethological Communication System which is focused on the ulterior investigation of the...

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An Embedded System for Simultaneous and Proportional Myoelectric Control of Upper Limb Prostheses

Hahne, Janne ;   Müller, Klaus-Robert ;   Farina, Dario

Tags Motor neuroprostheses - ProsthesesRehabilitation - Wearable systemsMotor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systems

Clinically available control techniques for myoelectric prostheses allow the activation of only one degree of freedom (DOF) at a time. In this...

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Anomalous EMG-Force Relations during Stretch Reflex Responses in Stroke Survivors

Suresh, Nina ;   Chardon, Matthieu ;   Rymer, William Zev

Tags Rehabilitation - StrokeNeurological disorders - StrokeNeuromuscular systems - EMG processing and applications

EMG-force relations during voluntary isometric contractions have been described extensively in neurologically intact individuals as well as in...

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Binaural Interaction in Unilateral Cochlear Implant Users: Neural Correlates in Free-Field Single Trial Responses

Schebsdat, Erik ;   Corona-Strauss, Farah I. ;   Hessel, Horst ;   Seidler, Harald ;   Bellagnech, Ahmed ;   Rusczyk, Lilian ;   Müller, Oliver ;   Strauss, Daniel J.

Tags Neural signal processingNeural signals - FilteringBrain functional imaging - EEG

Single sided deafness (SSD) is a common problem and only recently treated by cochlear implants (CIs). This is mediating binaural interaction...

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Bioactivity Measurement using Conductive Silk Electrode

Torimitsu, Keiichi

Tags Neural interfaces - Tissue-electrode interfaceNeural interfaces - Body interfacesBrain-computer/machine interface

Combination of silk fibers and conductive polymer can produce a biocompatible and flexible electrode. 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene based...

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Body-Machine Interfaces as Tool for Rehabilitative Intervention after Spinal Cord Injury

Pierella, Camilla ;   De Luca, Alice ;   Tasso, Elisa ;   Cervetto, Federica ;   Gamba, Simona ;   Losio, Luca ;   Venegoni, Anna ;   Mandraccia, Sergio ;   Muller, Ingeborg ;   Massone, Antonino ;   Mussa-Ivaldi, Ferdinando ;   Casadio, Maura

Tags Neural interfaces - Body interfacesRehabilitation - Wearable systemsRehabilitation - Spinal injury

This study is a preliminary test for the use the body machine interfaces (BMI) as a tool for clinical rehabilitative intervention following...

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Decoding of Knee Angles through EEG using Active Electrodes

Ianez, Eduardo ;   Ubeda, Andres ;   Costa, Álvaro ;   Hortal, Enrique ;   Azorin, Jose M.

Tags Rehabilitation - LocomotionNeuromuscular systems - LocomotionBrain physiology and modeling - Sensory-motor

In this paper a study of the relationship between EEG signals and knee angle using active electrodes has been performed. A pedalling movement...

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Decoding of the Endogenous Somatic Attention by Utilizing Brain Signals Induced from Tactile Selective Sensation

Yao, Lin ;   Farina, Dario

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceSensory neuroprostheses - SomatosensoryBrain functional imaging - EEG

Decoding the subjective attention or intention is the main target of brain-computer interface research. In this study, we tried to validate...

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Development of Automatic Database Registration and Similar-Case Retrieval for Diffuse Lung Diseases by Texture Analysis of Whole-Lung CT Volume

Kozuka, Kazuki ;   Takata, Kazutoyo ;   Kondo, Kenji ;   Karasawa, Kyohei ;   Hirano, Yasushi ;   Kido, Shoji

Tags Image retrievalImage feature extraction

In the similar case retrieval system, it is necessary to create a database in advance. Conventionally, the databases were made by manually...

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Development of Electric Wheelchair Controlled by Body Motions Estimated from Seat Pressure Distribution

Hori, Junichi

Tags Rehabilitation - Mobility (wheelchair, driving, etc.)

An electric wheelchair controlled by upper body motions was developed. The body motions were estimated from the seat pressure distribution...

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Development of Multifunctional Knee Joint Unit with Passive Mechanism for Transfemoral Prosthesis: Integration of Level Walk and Stair Ascent Mechanisms

Inoue, Koh ;   Tanaka, Tomohiro ;   Wada, Takahiro ;   Tachiwana, Shin'ichi

Tags Motor neuroprostheses - ProsthesesRehabilitation - Robotics

The purpose of the present study was to develop a passive knee mechanism for transfemoral prosthesis that integrates both level walk and...

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Does a Multimodal Biofeedback Training Improve Motor Recovery in Stroke Patients? Preliminary Results of a Randomized Control Trial

Ferrante, Simona ;   Ambrosini, Emilia ;   Pedrocchi, Alessandra ;   Ferrigno, Giancarlo ;   Nava, Claudia ;   Longoni, Valentina ;   Monticone, Marco

Tags Neurological disorders - StrokeRehabilitation - LocomotionMotor neuroprostheses - Neuromuscular stimulation

This study is aimed at demonstrating that a multimodal biofeedback training is superior to usual care for improving motor recovery on...

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Effectiveness of ICA in Retrieving EEG Target Signals during Cyclical Head Movements using a Phantom Head

Oliveira, Anderson ;   Schlink, Bryan ;   König, Peter ;   Hairston, W. David ;   Ferris, Daniel

Tags Brain functional imaging - EEGNeural signals - Blind source separation (PCA, ICA, etc.)Neuromuscular systems - Locomotion

EEG during human movement can provide insight into brain function in real world tasks but can be influenced by motion artifact. We assessed...

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Effectiveness of Lead Position with Microelectrode Recording in Determining Subthalamic Nuclei-Based Deep Brain Stimulation

Rama Raju, Venkateshwarla

Tags Neural stimulation - Deep brainNeural interfaces - Microelectrode technologyNeural interfaces - Tissue-electrode interface

INTRODUCTION:- Deep brain stimulation of bilateral subthalamic nuclei is an efficient method of rehabilitation in subjects (patients) with...

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Effects of Fatigue Induced by Vibration Exercise on the H-Reflex

Sammali, Federica ;   Xu, Lin ;   Rabotti, Chiara ;   van Dijk, Johannes ;   Zwarts, Machiel ;   Del Prete, Zaccaria ;   Mischi, Massimo

Tags Human performance - FatigueNeural stimulation - Peripheral & spinalNeuromuscular systems - Peripheral mechanisms

Vibration exercise (VE) has been suggested as an effective methodology to improve muscle strength and power performance, as well as to...

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Gait Related Electrocortical Activity During Treadmill Walking in Healthy and Post-Stroke Subjects

Artoni, F. ;   Fanciullacci, C. ;   Bertolucci, F. ;   Micera, S. ;   Chisari, C.


In this work we demonstrate the feasibility of recording electrocortical activity and kinematics of gait in healthy subjects and post stroke...

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Heuristic BCI using Learning-Based Fuzzy Label Template

Oda, Teruo ;   Kudoh, Suguru

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceBrain functional imaging - ClassificationNeural signals - Filtering

Generally, BCI utilizes limited EEG feature of specific frequency band and measurement position, to control connected devices. However, this...

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Identification of Levels of Interest in a Political Speech using EEG Patterns

Ramaraju, Sriharsha ;   Izzidien, Ahmed ;   Emina, Charles ;   Roula, Mohammed Ali

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceRehabilitation - CognitionHuman performance - Cognition

In this paper, we present preliminary results of a study on physiologically quantifying electorate responsiveness during political speech. Two...

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Improvement of Step Count Accuracy using Gyroscope Output for Ultra-Low Speed Walking

Sekine, Masaki ;   Tanaka, Noriko ;   Tamura, Toshiyo ;   Yoshida, Masaki

Tags Human performance - Activities of daily livingHuman performance - GaitRehabilitation - Locomotion

Accuracy of commercially available pedometers based on accelerometer is not sufficient for the elderly who walk at a slow speed. In this...

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Information Transmission in an Auditory Nerve Fiber Model Stimulated by Low-Rate Pulsatile Waveforms

Mino, Hiroyuki

Tags Sensory neuroprostheses - AuditoryNeural stimulationNeural signal processing

This article presents information transmission of the spike trains in an auditory nerve fiber (ANF) model stimulated by sinusoidally modulated...

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Intrafascicular Carbon Nanotube Wire Electrodes for Chronic Peripheral Nerve Recording

McCallum, Grant ;   Sui, Xiaohong ;   Qiu, Chen ;   Durand, Dominique

Tags Neural interfaces - Implantable systemsMotor neuroprosthesesSensory neuroprostheses

Interfacing with small nerves requires highly compliant and biocompatible electrodes. We tested the hypothesis a wire with low flexural rigidity...

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Inverse-Dynamics based Estimation of the Muscular Torque of Human for a Gait Rehabilitation Robot

Hwang, Beomsoo ;   Jeon, Doyoung

Tags Rehabilitation - Wearable systemsRehabilitation - RoboticsRehabilitation - Musculoskeletal

In this study, we attempt to estimate users’ muscular efforts accurately using joint torque sensors. The user’s limb dynamics are formulated...

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Muscle Activity Detection for Basic Movements in Patients with Full Face Transplantation

Topcu, Cagdas ;   Akgul, Arzu ;   Bedeloglu, Merve ;   Doger, Ela Naz ;   Sever, Refik ;   Ozkan, Ozlenen ;   Ozkan, Omer ;   Uysal, Hilmi ;   Polat, Ovunc ;   Colak, Omer Halil

Tags Neuromuscular systems - EMG processing and applications

Complexity measure of dynamical systems is a popular feature for biological signal processing. In this study surface electromyography (sEMG)...

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Neural Integrity Changes during Rtpa Thrombolysis in a Photothrombotic Hyperacute Ischemia Rat Model

Bandla, Aishwarya ;   Liu, Yu-Hang ;   Thakor, Nitish ;   Liao, Lun-De

Tags Neurological disorders - StrokeBrain functional imagingBrain functional imaging - Evoked potentials

rtPA therapy for stroke is limited by its short therapeutic time window. Besides, a complete understanding of hyperacute ischemic mechanisms...

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Neural Interfacing Applications of Liquid Crystalline Graphene Oxide Fibers

Apollo, Nicholas V. ;   Maturana, Matias ;   Tong, Wei ;   Nayagam, David A.X. ;   Shivdasani, Mohit N. ;   Foroughi, Javad ;   Wallace, Gordon ;   Prawer, Steven ;   Ibbotson, Michael R ;   Garrett, David J.

Tags Neural interfaces - Biomaterials

The mechanical and electrochemical properties of electrodes implanted into living systems play a significant role in maintaining the...

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Neuroplasticity Induction by a Fast Brain Switch Triggered Sensory Feedback: A Comparison of Electrical and Mechanical Stimulation

Xu, Ren ;   Jiang, Ning ;   Mrachacz-Kersting, Natalie ;   Dremstrup, Kim ;   Farina, Dario

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceRehabilitation - StrokeNeural stimulation - Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

In this study, we compared electrical and mechanical stimulation triggered by a brain switch for inducing neuroplasticity. The preliminary...

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Novel Fabrication Method of Large Area and Freestanding Micro PDMS Membrane and Its Application to 3D Neuronal Circuit Array

Tahk, Dongha ;   Oh, Soojung ;   Ryu, Hyunryul ;   Sangcheol, Na ;   Jeon, Noo Li

Tags Neural interfaces - MEMS methods for guided growthNeural interfaces - Microsystems and microfabricationNeural interfaces - Neuromorphic engineering

This paper has been removed from the proceedings.

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Prediction of Peak VO2 from Walking Energy Cost Index for the Elderly

Nakada, Toru ;   Sato, Yoshikuni ;   Kozuka, Kazuki ;   Kiyono, Masaki ;   Nonoyama, Tadayoshi ;   Kubota, Masafumi ;   Koie, Yusuke ;   Yasutake, Masaki ;   Yamamura, Osamu

Tags Human performance - Modelling and predictionRehabilitation - Wearable systemsRehabilitation - Cardiorespiratory

In this paper, we present a new method to predict peak oxygen consumption(Peak VO2) from a new index, walking energy cost index, which...

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Predictive Muscle Co-Contraction and Movement Variability

Franklin, Sae ;   Franklin, David W.

Tags Neuromuscular systems - Learning and adaptionMotor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systemsNeuromuscular systems - EMG processing and applications

Previous work has suggested that increases in muscle co-contraction are driven by large kinematic errors, and that these increases decay...

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Rational Decision Making May Be Influenced by the Preceding Mental Task: An EEG Source Imaging Study

Kim, Jeong-Youn ;   Kim, Kun-Il ;   Shim, Miseon ;   Im, Chang-Hwan

Tags Human performance - CognitionBrain functional imaging - Source localizationNeural signal processing

Prefrontal cortex has been believed to be closely associated with rational decision making process. Since the prefrontal cortex can also be...

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Relationships between Subjective Auditory Impression and Brain Cortical Activities for Time-Varying HVAC Sound

Yano, Hajime ;   Hotehama, Takuya ;   Takiguchi, Tetsuya ;   Ariki, Yasuo ;   Kamiya, Masaru ;   Nakagawa, Seiji

Tags Brain functional imaging - MEG

Relationships between subjective coolness and preference induced by time-varying HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) sound and...

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Simple Compensation Circuits Realisation for Interference Reduction in the Entire Band of Neural Tripolar Recordings

Zehra, Syeda Sabeeka ;   Demosthenous, Andreas

Tags Motor neuroprostheses - ProsthesesMotor neuroprosthesesNeural interfaces - Tissue-electrode interface

— Simple 2 and 3 stages RC compensation circuits are presented for minimizing myoelectric interference in neural recording systems. The...

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Stretch-Induced Endothelial Mechanotransduction through Transitions in Cell Membrane Lipid Phases

Yamamoto, Kimiko ;   Ando, Joji

Tags Mechanical stimuli and mechanotransduction

Vascular endothelial cells (ECs) respond to a haemodynamic force stretch caused by blood pressure by altering their morphology, functions...

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Study on Differences of Early-Mid ERP Induced by Emotional Face and Scene Images

Wang, Xin ;   Jin, Jingna ;   Li, Song ;   Liu, Zhipeng ;   Yin, Tao

Tags Neural signals - Detection of transient eventsNeural signals - Time-frequency analysisBrain physiology and modeling - Cognition, memory, perception

Researches about the cortical processing mechanisms of emotions have important scientific significance and application value. This study...

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The Affect of TDCS on Humor Recall: A Randomized, Double Blind Placebo Controlled EEG Study

Ramaraju, Sriharsha ;   Izzidien, Ahmed ;   Roula, Mohammed Ali

Tags Neural stimulation - Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)Rehabilitation

In this paper, we present the results of a study on the post-intervention effects of 1.5 mA tDCS on recorded EEG during the recall of...

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The Effect of a Pulsatile Electrostatic Fields on Pressure Ulcer Healing in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury

Wang, Xiaoyun ;   Guo, Xia ;   Tang, Dan

Tags Rehabilitation - Spinal injury

Pressure ulcers result from long periods of uninterrupted pressure. Pulsatile electrostatic fields (PESF) is a simple, non-invasive system and...

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Towards a Responsive Deep Brain Stimulation for the Treatment of Essential Tremor

Opri, Enrico ;   Shute, Jonathan ;   Molina, Rene ;   Foote, Kelly ;   Okun, Michael ;   Gunduz, Aysegul

Tags Neural stimulation - Deep brainRehabilitation - Wearable systemsNeurological disorders

Intention tremor (IT), one of the symptoms of essential tremor (ET), occurs in the hands and arms. It is experienced during the initiation and...

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Towards BCI-Controlled Augmented Reality: Integration of Computer Vision with BCI for Hands-Free Communication and Control

Kim, Yong-Wook ;   Lim, Jeong-Hwan ;   Han, Chang-Hee ;   Im, Chang-Hwan

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceNeural signals - Detection of transient eventsBrain functional imaging - EEG

In this study, we implemented a BCI-controlled augmented reality (AR) system by integrating computer vision with EEG-based BCI. Steady state...

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Transcutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulation: Modeling the Electric Field Distribution using the Finite Element Method

Fernandes, Sofia Rita ;   Wenger, Cornelia ;   Salvador, Ricardo ;   de Carvalho, Mamede ;   Miranda, Pedro Cavaleiro

Tags Neural stimulation - Peripheral & spinal

Current research shows that transcutaneous spinal direct current stimulation (tsDCS) is able to modulate spinal cord function. Estimates of...

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Visual Delay Adaptation Reduces Intention Tremor in Multiple Sclerosis: A Case Series

Heenan, Megan ;   Scheidt, Robert A. ;   Beardsley, Scott

Tags Neuromuscular systems - Learning and adaptionNeuromuscular systems - Computational modelingRehabilitation - Robotics

Intention tremor is a common debilitating symptom of multiple sclerosis (MS). Accumulating experimental evidence suggests that intention tremor...

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