A Hough Transform-Based Breast Mass Detection Algorithm on Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Images

Jeong, Ji-Wook ;   Chae, Seung-Hoon ;   Lee, Sooyeul ;   Chae, Eun Young ;   Kim, Hak Hee ;   Choi, Young Wook

Tags Image feature extractionX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)

We suggest a simplified computer-aided detection (CADe) system for breast masses in reconstructed digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT)...

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A Novel Undersampling Scheme of Wavelet-Encoded MR Imaging

Xie, Hua ;   Bosshard, John ;   Hill, Jason Edward ;   Wright, Steven M. ;   Mitra, Sunanda

Tags MRI pulse sequenceCompressive sensing/samplingMR-specific image reconstruction

Wavelet encoded MR imaging was proposed decades ago but is not generally used at this time because of various practical limitations. This...

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A Simple Reproducibility Evaluation Method of Short Association White Matter Fiber Clustering Results for HARDI Data

Roman, Godoy, Claudio Esteban ;   Guevara, Miguel ;   Duclap, Delphine ;   Lebois, Alice ;   Poupon, Cyril ;   Mangin, Jean-François ;   Guevara, Pamela

Tags Diffusion-tensor and diffusion-spectrum imagingImage segmentation

We propose a method to compare the results obtained from two short association bundle segmentations, calculated using a clustering method,...

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Acoustic Trapping Technique for Determination of Invasiveness of a Breast Cancer Cell

Hwang, Jae Youn ;   Park, Jin Man ;   Yoon, Chi Woo ;   Lim, Hae Gyun ;   Cheon, Dong Young ;   Lee, Jungwoo ;   Shung, K. Kirk

Tags High-frequency ultrasound technologyUltrasonic breast imagingOptical imaging

Many cell manipulation techniques including optical, magnetic, and acoustic tweezers have been developed for various biomedical applications. In...

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An Affordable Diagnostic Pseudo 3D Retina Image Synthesis

Hegde, Bharath ;   Bhatt, Mahabaleswara R ;   Rao, Shyam Vasudeva

Tags Retinal imagingOptical coherence tomographyParametric image reconstruction

An affordable pseudo 3D image synthesis using real time acquired single 2D retina intensity image and their depth is adjusted by a prior 3D...

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An Automated System for Skin Surface Topographic Assessment using in Vivo HD-OCT

Yow, Ai Ping ;   Cheng, Jun ;   Li, Annan ;   Wall, Carolin ;   Liu, Jiang ;   Wong, Damon ;   Tey, Hongliang

Tags Optical coherence tomography

Skin surface topography and wrinkles are important biophysical features in both dermatological and cosmeceutical practice and research....

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An Evaluation of Pancreatic Damage Caused by Clamping using Image Processing of Prepared Slide

KIM, Daeyoung ;   Kobayashi, Etsuko ;   Toyoda, Masayuki ;   Kondo, Fukuo ;   Sakuma, Ichiro ;   Asano, Takehide

Tags Image reconstruction - performance evaluationParametric image reconstruction

Pancreatic damage is sometimes fatal, because pancreas has pancreatic juice which causes self-digest. Pancreas is damaged during laparoscopic...

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An Implantable Hemodynamic Imaging Device for Observing the Process of Recovery from Cerebrovascular Disease

Haruta, Makito ;   Sunaga, Yoshinori ;   Yamaguchi, Takahiro ;   Takehara, Hironari ;   Ohta, Yasumi ;   Motoyama, Mayumi ;   Takehara, Hiroaki ;   Noda, Toshihiko ;   Sasagawa, Kiyotaka ;   Tokuda, Takashi ;   Ohta, Jun

Tags Optical vascular imagingOptical neuroimagingOptical imaging

We have developed an implantable hemodynamic imaging device with a two-color light source for continuously observing the process of recovery...

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Automatic Analysis of General Movements in Infants

Orlandi, Silvia ;   Bandini, Andrea ;   Pala, Pietro ;   Brahimi, Denada ;   Manfredi, Claudia

Tags Image segmentation

A new method for the automatic analysis of infant General Movements (GMs) is presented. Using a webcam and computer vision algorithms the...

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Automatic Bacterial Growth Analysis using Time-Lapse Images for Rapid Antibacterial Susceptibility Tests

Lee, Ji Soo ;   Lee, Jung Chan ;   Kim, Hee Chan

Tags Image feature extractionFunctional image analysis

A ‘Rapid Antibiotic Susceptibility Test (RAST)’ method based on Single Cell Morphological Analysis (SCMA) was proposed recently. The RAST was...

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Automatic Determination of Blood Flow Velocity in Brain Microvessel of Rat using a Small Implantable CMOS Imaging Device

Dejima, Haruka ;   Sato, Tetsuo ;   Haruta, Makito ;   Nakazawa, Hitomi ;   Tokuda, Takashi ;   Ohta, Jun ;   Kanaya, Shigehiko

Tags Brain image analysisFunctional image analysis

This paper proposes a method for automatically determining blood flow velocity in rat brain microvessels. In this study, we use the small...

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Automatic Segmentation of Corneal Endothelial Cells Contour

Scarpa, Fabio ;   Ruggeri, Alfredo

Tags Corneal imagingImage segmentationConfocal microscopy

Corneal images acquired by in-vivo microscopy provide clinical information on the cornea endothelium health state. The reliable estimation of...

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Bias Correction and Segmentation of Brain MRI Data using Spatial Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm

S. Salem, Wedad ;   F. Ali, Hesham ;   F. Seddik, Ahmed

Tags Image segmentationBrain image analysisImage classification

Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) segmentation is an essential step in quantitative brain image analysis. However, due to the existence of...

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Breast Cancer Cell Characterization in Turbid Media by using Acoustic Tweezers

Park, Jin Man ;   Shung, K. Kirk ;   Hwang, Jae Youn

Tags High-frequency ultrasound technologyFluorescence microscopyImage reconstruction - fast algorithms

We employ acoustic tweezers with a 30 MHz lithium niobate (LibNO3) ultrasound transducer to manipulate and characterize a breast cancer cell...

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Characterizing Malignant and Benign Breast Tumors by Dielectric Properties

Short, Jakob ;   Veet, Tiffany ;   Sabouni, Abas

Tags Image enhancement

This paper will describe research to determine dielectric property contrast between malignant and benign breast tumors. Researchers will be...

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Classification of Protein Localizations of Novel Endoplasmic Reticulum Genes by Hierarchical Cluster Analysis

Chen, Chia-Chun ;   Lin, Chung-Chih ;   Dan, Han-Wei ;   Simpson, Jeremy C. ;   Tsai, Yuh-Show

Tags Image classificationImage feature extraction

Subcellular localization of ER proteins, which may be determined by novel targeting sequences, are hard to be predicted. Prior classification...

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Computer Aided Diagnostic for the Classification of Lung Nodules

Gonçalves, Luís ;   Novo, Jorge ;   Campilho, Aurélio

Tags Image classificationX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)

The purpose of this work is to propose a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) approach to differentiate malignant and benign lung nodules on CT...

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Detection of Early Stages of Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's Disease on MRI using Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics

Abe, Taishi ;   Pham, Tuan D.

Tags Brain image analysisImage classificationImage feature extraction

Early detection of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) provides an opportunity for treatment and plan for the future. Current detection of cerebral...

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Detection of Firing Neurons from Calcium Time-Lapse Images using Velocity Field Constraint

Hachi, Siham ;   Lucumi Moreno, Edinson ;   Desmet, An-Sofie ;   Vanden Berghe, Pieter ;   Fleming, Ronan M.T.

Tags Image feature extractionFluorescence microscopyImage segmentation

We present a novel approach for identifying neuronal activity from calcium time-lapse images. Our approach relies on the computation of...

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Development of a Multimode Endoscope for Detection of Gastric Cancers

Yun, Sehyo ;   Hwang, Jae Youn

Tags Optical imagingFluorescence microscopy

we demonstrate development of a multimode endoscopic system including a multi-spectral, fluorescence, cross-polarized and real-time...

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Evaluating Tortuosity in Retinal Fundus Images of Diabetic Patients Who Progressed to Diabetic Retinopathy

Leontidis, Georgios ;   Wigdahl, Jeffrey ;   Al-Diri, Bashir ;   Ruggeri, Alfredo ;   Hunter, Andrew

Tags Retinal imagingRetinal vascular imaging

Tortuosity is believed to be an early indicator of the changes in the retinal vasculature during the progression of diabetes. Different...

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Evaluation of Anemia in Wistar Rats and Dogs Exploring Cell Phone Camera

S. Souza, Wellington ;   de Castro Neto, José ;   Neves, Wendell W. ;   de Araujo, Renato Evangelista

Tags Optical imagingImage classification

In this work we establish a methodology for anemia evaluation in rats and dogs, exploring mobile phone and imaging processing techniques. The...

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Gabor Wavelets to Characterize Different Types of Cardiac Hypertrophy

Damerjian, Vera ;   Tankyevych, Olena ;   Petit, Eric ;   Guellich, Aziz ;   Damy, Thibaud

Tags Ultrasonic cardiac imagingImage feature extractionMultiscale analysis

In ultrasound imaging, distinguishing different types of cardiac hypertrophy is difficult. Here, we exploit Gabor wavelets and their texture...

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High Resolution Wireless Ultrasound Imaging based on Compressed Sensing

Eilam, Alon ;   Chernyakova, Tanya ;   Londner, Samuel ;   Chocron, Armand ;   Weizman, Lior ;   Kempinski, Arcady ;   Eldar, Yonina

Tags Ultrasonic cardiac imagingCompressive sensing/sampling

In this work we utilize frequency domain beamforming and Xampling to demonstrate the feasibility of a wireless, high resolution medical...

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Hybrid Pressure Sensor based on Conductive Fabric and Nanoweb

Jeong, You Jeong ;   Wi, Hun ;   Oh, Tong In ;   Woo, Eung Je ;   Kim, Kap Jin

Tags Compressive sensing/samplingElectrical impedance imaging techniques

In this study, we present the new design of pressure sensors using piezo-capacitive and piezo-electric phenomena to measure static and...

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Measurement of the Resonance Characteristics of Microbubbles Stabilized by Pluronic F68 using a Laser Doppler Vibrometer

Ando, Yu ;   Nishimura, Jun ;   Kagawa, Yukihiro ;   Tabata, Hiraku ;   Yoshida, Kenji ;   Koyama, Daisuke ;   Watanabe, Yoshiaki ;   Krafft, Marie Pierre

Tags Ultrasound molecular imagingUltrasonic vascular imagingDoppler ultrasonic imaging

Microbubbles are used as contrast agents for ultrasound imaging, drug delivery and other medical applications. Perfluorocarbon gases have...

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Modular Organization of Resting State Functional Networks in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Eqlimi, Ehsan ;   Alizadeh Shalchy, Mahsa ;   Karami, Elahe ;   Shojaei, Ahmad ;   Aarabi, Mohammad Hadi ;   Safabakhsh, Hamidreza ;   Riyahi Alam, Nader

Tags Functional image analysisBrain image analysisMR neuroimaging

Graph theory is capable of describing complex networks, e.g., functional brain networks in abstract terms of nodes and edges. In this paper...

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Neural Basis for Enhanced Classification Accuracy of Reduced Dimensionality Information Rich Representations of Scenes

Thakoor, Kaveri

Tags Image classificationImage feature extractionImage visualization

We highlight the key result of a study comparing human classification accuracy of Reduced Dimensionality Information Rich vs. downsampled...

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Novel Contrast Agent for Microwave Breast Cancer Imaging

Short, Jakob ;   Sabouni, Abas

Tags Image enhancement

In this paper we will present research into the effectiveness of a novel contrast agent for microwave imaging to improve the detection of...

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Novel Microwave Imaging Setup for Breast Cancer Detection

Short, Jakob ;   Mancini, Alyssa ;   Sabouni, Abas

Tags Image enhancementIterative image reconstruction

This document describes the development of a novel setup for a Microwave Imaging (MWI) scanner: a device for imaging the breast. This setup...

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Preliminary Study on Automated Blood Vessel Extraction using High-Order Local Autocorrelation on Retinal Images

Hatanaka, Yuji ;   Samo, Kazuki ;   Tajima, Mikiya ;   Okumura, Susumu ;   Ogohara, Kazunori ;   Muramatsu, Chisako ;   Fujita, Hiroshi

Tags Retinal vascular imagingRetinal imaging

A preliminary study of automated blood vessel extraction using high-order local autocorrelation (HLAC) on retinal images is presented....

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Probabilistic Determination of Brain Tumor Locations

Cotur, Yasin ;   Ozkan, Mehmed ;   Demir, Ali ;   Altunoglu, Hale ;   Agildere, Ahmet Muhtesem ;   Alkan, Ozlem ;   Ulug, Aziz

Tags Brain image analysisMR neuroimagingImage segmentation

The aim of this study is to determine and analyze the probabilistic brain tumor map which reflects tumor obser- vation frequencies in...

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Rapid Prototyping of Clavicle Fracture Model for Orthopedic Surgery Planning

Lee, Tae Soo ;   Lee, Jeong Pyo ;   Moon, Seong Yong

Tags X-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)Volume renderingImage segmentation

This study explores the application examples of 3D printing technology in clinical environment, specifically in orthopedic surgery. CT images...

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Recovery of Arterial and Venous Contrast Transit Dynamics in CT Brain Angiography: A Feasibility Study

Barra, Beatrice ;   De Momi, Elena ;   Ferrigno, Giancarlo ;   Baselli, Giuseppe ;   Cardinale, Francesco

Tags Iterative image reconstructionContrast-enhanced X-ray imagingImage segmentation

Three-dimensional rendering of brain vasculature is a major reference both in brain surgery planning and Image Guided Surgery. It is currently...

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Robotic Target Following using Two Orthogonal Ultrasound Images

Onogi, Shinya ;   Wu, Jiawei ;   Baba, Minoru ;   Hashizume, Makoto ;   Masuda, Kohji

Tags Ultrasonic interventional imaging

This study describes a visual servo system using biplane ultrasound imaging using a phased array probe which can provide two cross-sectional...

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The Effects of Low-Passed Dynamic Random-Dot Patterns on Resting-State Brain Functions

Namikawa, Hiroki ;   Okamoto, Ryota ;   Kohama, Takeshi ;   Yoshida, Hisashi

Tags Near infra-red spectroscopyOptical imagingOptical vascular imaging

Functional networks in resting-state brain activities have been a concern in brain imaging studies. However, the experimental conditions of...

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Tissue Anisotropy on Ultrasound Strain Imaging: Comparison between Radio-Frequency-Based Block Matching and Elastic Registration

Li, He ;   Lee, Wei-Ning

Tags Elastography

This paper investigates the effect of tissue mechanical and acoustic anisotropy due to underlying myofiber arrangement on the theoretical...

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Towards a Reference Database for Intelligent Capsule Endoscopy

Iakovidis, Dimitris ;   Koulaouzidis, Anastasios

Tags Optical imagingImage classification

This paper introduces KID, a recently released public multimedia database which aims to provide data and knowledge for the development of...

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VR See-through Magnifier: An Interactive Volumetric Medical Data Visualization Technique for Exploring Occluded Features

Chang, HanYu ;   Chiang, Pei-ying ;   Hsieh, Tung-Ju ;   Chen, Chun-Yuan

Tags Volume rendering

To navigate 3D medical data, traditional 2D input/display such as mouses, keyboards and touch pads are commonly used. However, it is difficult...

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