A Comparison of ERP Spatial Filtering Methods for Optimal Mental Workload Estimation

Roy, Raphaëlle N. ;   Bonnet, Stéphane ;   Charbonnier, Sylvie ;   Jallon, Pierre ;   Campagne, Aurélie

Tags Biomedical signal classification

Mental workload estimation is of crucial interest for user adaptive interfaces and neuroergonomics. Its estimation can be performed using...

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Clustering Analysis to Identify Distinct Spectral Components of Encephalogram Burst Suppression in Critically Ill Patients

Zhou, David Wei ;   Westover, Brandon ;   McClain, Lauren M. ;   Nagaraj, Sunil Belur ;   Bajwa, Ednan K. ;   Quraishi, Sadeq A. ;   Akeju, Oluwaseun ;   Cobb, J. Perren ;   Purdon, Patrick L

Tags Biomedical signal classificationPattern recognition methods for data mining in biosignalsNonlinear dynamics in biomedical signals

Millions of patients are admitted each year to intensive care units (ICUs) in the United States. A significant fraction of ICU survivors...

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Investigation of Window Size in Classification of EEG-Emotion Signal with Wavelet Entropy and Support Vector Machine

Candra, Henry ;   Yuwono, Mitchell ;   Chai, Rifai ;   Handojoseno, Aluysius Maria Ardi ;   Elamvazuthi, Irraivan ;   Nguyen, Hung T. ;   Su, Steven Weidong

Tags Signal processing in physiological systemsBiomedical signal classificationTime-frequency analysis of biosignals

When dealing with patients with psychological or emotional symptoms, medical practitioners are often faced with the problem of objectively...

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Low-Complexity EEG-Based Eye Movement Classification using Extended Moving Difference Filter and Pulse Width Demodulation

Hsieh, Chi-Hsuan ;   Huang, Yuan-Hao

Tags Biomedical signal classification

This paper presents an eye movement classification algorithm for EEG-based brain-computer interface. The proposed system first used a...

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Reliability Over Time of EEG-Based Mental Workload Evaluation during Air Traffic Management (ATM) Tasks

Arico, Pietro ;   Borghini, Gianluca ;   Di Flumeri, Gianluca ;   Colosimo, Alfredo ;   Graziani, Ilenia ;   Imbert, Jean-Paul ;   Granger, Geraud ;   Benhacene, Railane ;   Terenzi, Michela ;   Pozzi, Simone ;   Babiloni, Fabio

Tags Biomedical signal classificationBiomedical simulation involving signal processingTime-frequency analysis of biosignals

Machine-learning approaches for mental workload (MW) estimation by using the user brain activity went through a rapid expansion in the last...

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Single Trial EEG Classification Applied to a Face Recognition Experiment using Different Feature Extraction Methods

Li, Yudu ;   Ma, Sen ;   Hu, Zhongze ;   Chen, Jiansheng ;   Su, Guangda ;   Dou, Weibei

Tags Biomedical signal classificationIndependent component analysisPrincipal component analysis

Research on brain machine interface (BMI) has been developed very fast in recent years. Numerous feature extraction methods have...

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