A New Generation of Double-Sided Intramuscular Electrodes for Multi-Channel Recording and Stimulation

Poppendieck, Wigand ;   Muceli, Silvia ;   Dideriksen, Jakob ;   Rocon, Eduardo ;   Pons, Jose Luis ;   Farina, Dario ;   Hoffmann, Klaus-Peter

Tags Neural interfaces - Microelectrode technologyMotor neuroprostheses - Neuromuscular stimulationNeurological disorders - Diagnostic and evaluation techniques

In this work, a new generation of intramuscular multi-channel electrode for EMG recording and muscle stimulation is presented. The electrode is...

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Comparison of Foam-Based and Spring-Loaded Dry EEG Electrodes with Wet Electrodes in Resting and Moving Conditions

Yeung, Arnold ;   Garudadri, Harinath ;   Van Toen, Carolyn ;   Mercier, Patrick P. ;   Balkan, Ozgur ;   Makeig, Scott ;   Virji-Babul, Naznin

Tags Neural interfaces - Bioelectric sensorsRehabilitation - Wearable systemsHuman performance - Activities of daily living

The introduction of dry electrodes for EEG measurements has opened up possibilities of recording EEG outside of standard clinical...

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Design of a Flexible Parylene-Based Multi-Electrode Array for Multi-Region Recording from the Rat Hippocampus

Xu, Huijing ;   Hsiao, Min-Chi ;   Meng, Ellis ;   Berger, Theodore ;   Song, Dong

Tags Neural interfaces - Microelectrode technologyNeural interfaces - Implantable systemsBrain physiology and modeling - Cognition, memory, perception

The hippocampus is a critical deep brain structure in several aspects. It is directly related to the formation of new long-term declarative...

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Fused Silica Microlenses for Hermetic Packages as Part of Implantable Optrodes

Rudmann, Linda ;   Huber, Sebastian Dominik ;   Ordonez, Juan Sebastian ;   Stieglitz, Thomas

Tags Neural interfaces - Microsystems and microfabricationNeural interfaces - Implantable systemsNeural interfaces - Microelectrode technology

The request for stable and reliable devices is tremendous in the field of optogenetics. So far, no device which is called optrode,...

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Microfabricated Multi-Electrode Device for Detecting Oligodendrocyte-Regulated Changes in Axonal Conduction Velocity

Sakai, Koji ;   Shimba, Kenta ;   Kotani, Kiyoshi ;   Jimbo, Yasuhiko

Tags Neural interfaces - Microelectrode technologyNeural interfaces - Microsystems and microfabricationNeural interfaces - Cellular

Myelin disorders cause cognitive dysfunction, but little is known about how abnormal myelin sheath affects neural activities at the network...

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Topographical Strategies to Control Neural Outgrowth

Morana Roccasalvo, Iolanda ;   Sergi, Pier Nicola ;   Tonazzini, Ilaria ;   Cecchini, Marco ;   Micera, Silvestro

Tags Neural interfaces - Regeneration

In this work a synergistic approach is used to investigate how directional anisotropic surfaces (i.e., nanogratings) control the alignment of...

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