A Partial Reconstruction Scheme for Continuous Wave Diffuse Optical Tomography with Reflection Geometry

Patra, Rusha ;   Dutta, P.K.

Tags Diffuse optical tomographyIterative image reconstructionImage reconstruction - performance evaluation

Image quality and photon measurement with good SNR (signal to noise ratio) in continuous wave diffuse optical tomography depend on the...

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Algorithm for Simulation of Craniotomies Assisted by Peripheral for 3D Virtual Navigation

Duque, Sara Isabel ;   Ochoa, John Fredy ;   Botero, Andres Felipe ;   Ramirez, Mateo

Tags Image reconstruction - fast algorithms

Neurosurgical procedures require high precision and an accurate localization of the structures. For that reason and due to the advances in...

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Analysis of the Electrical Patterns and Structural Remodeling in Atrial Fibrillation

Valinoti, Maddalena ;   Lozupone, Graziano Vito ;   Sabbatani, Paolo ;   Mantovan, Roberto ;   Severi, Stefano ;   Corsi, Cristiana

Tags Image reconstruction - fast algorithmsImage segmentationMultimodal image fusion

Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation (AF) is a promising therapy, whose success is limited by uncertainty in the knowledge of the mechanisms...

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Backprojection Regularization with Weighted Ramp Filter for Tomographic Reconstruction

Wang, Zhenglin ;   Lee, Ivan

Tags X-ray CTImage reconstruction - fast algorithmsImage filtering

Although filtered backprojection (FBP) is popular, backprojection then filtering (BPF) still receives a few attentions. Usually, BPF is inferior...

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Dual-Dictionary Learning based MR Image Reconstruction with Self-Adaptive Dictionaries

LI, Jiansen ;   Song, Ying ;   Zhao, Jun

Tags Image reconstruction - performance evaluationIterative image reconstructionCompressive sensing/sampling

Dual-dictionary learning method utilizes two dictionaries at two different resolution levels, a high resolution dictionary trained with full-data...

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Frame-Based Compressive Sensing MR Image Reconstruction with Balanced Regularization

Xie, Shoulie ;   Guan, Cuntai ;   Huang, Weimin ;   Lu, Zhongkang

Tags MR-specific image reconstructionRegularized image reconstructionCompressive sensing/sampling

This paper addresses the frame-based MR image reconstruction from undersampled k-space measurements by using a balanced l1-regularized...

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