Advanced Neuroelectronic Interfaces: 3D Neuronal Cultures and Organic Field Effect Transistors

Spanu, Andrea ;   Tedesco, Mariateresa ;   Bonfiglio, Annalisa ;   Martinoia, Sergio

Tags Neural interfaces - Bioelectric sensorsNeural interfaces - CellularNeural interfaces - Microelectrode technology

We introduce new organic transistor based devices for in-vitro neuroelectronic interfaces and we present new techniques for culturing actual...

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Challenges and Perspectives for Large-Scale Neuronal Recordings with CMOS Multielectrode Arrays

Maccione, Alessandro ;   Angotzi, Gian Nicola ;   Nieus, Thierry ;   Di Marco, Stefano ;   Malerba, Mario ;   Lonardoni, Davide ;   Zordan, Stefano ;   Amin, Hayder ;   Berdondini, Luca

Tags Neural interfaces - Bioelectric sensorsNeural interfaces - Microelectrode technologyBrain physiology and modeling - Neural circuits

The development of neurotechnologies able to simultaneously record spiking activity from a very large number of single neurons is a major...

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Future Challenges and Perspectives of Implantable Neural Interfaces

Vassanelli, Stefano

Tags Neural interfaces - Implantable systemsNeural interfaces - BiomaterialsNeural interfaces - Bioelectric sensors

Implantable neural interfaces are characterized by the intimate physical and functional connection between engineered microdevices and...

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Processing and Analysis of Multichannel Extracellular Neuronal Signals: State-of-the-Art and Challenges

Mahmud, Mufti ;   Vassanelli, Stefano

Tags Neural signal processingNeural interfaces - Implantable systemsBrain-computer/machine interface

In recent years multichannel neuronal signal acquisition systems have allowed scientists to focus on research questions which were otherwise...

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Wide-Field Photostimulation in in Vitro Cortical Networks: Consequences for the Emerging Reverberating Responses

Pulizzi, Rocco ;   Musumeci, Gabriele ;   Van Den Haute, Chris ;   Veerle, Baekelandt ;   Giugliano, Michele

Tags Neural stimulationBrain physiology and modeling - Neural dynamics and computationNeural interfaces - Cellular

Closed-loop control of cell assemblies via optogenetics has been suggested as a pivotal (causative) approach, required to advance our...

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