A Dual-Use Imaging System for Pre-Clinical Small Animal Radiation Research

Li, Meng ;   He, Xingchi ;   Eslami, Sohrab ;   Wang, Ken Kang-Hsin ;   Zhang, Bin ;   Wong, John W ;   Iordachita, Iulian

Tags Design and developmentProduct development processDesign controls

The current cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) system on the small animal radiation research platform (SARRP) is less effective in...

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Analysis of Low Intensity Laser Therapy as Adjuvant to Photodynamic Therapy in Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer

Fanjul-Vélez, Félix ;   Salas-García, Irene ;   Torre-Celeizábal, Claudia ;   Zverev, Mihail ;   Arce-Diego, José L.

Tags Simulation, learning and trainingPersonalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systemsClinical engineering

The combination of Low Intensity Laser Therapy and Photodynamic Therapy constitutes a minimal invasive and highly selective alternative for...

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Modeling Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) Application in Single Cells during Metaphase and Telophase

Wenger, Cornelia ;   Giladi, Moshe ;   Bomzon, Ze'ev ;   Salvador, Ricardo ;   Basser, Peter ;   Miranda, Pedro

Tags Innovation

Effects of electric fields on biological cells have been extensively studied but primarily in the low and high frequency regimes. Low frequency...

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Modelling Tumor Treating Fields for the Treatment of Lung-Based Tumors

Bomzon, Ze'ev ;   Urman, Noa ;   Wenger, Cornelia ;   Giladi, Moshe ;   Weinberg, Uri ;   Wasserman, Yoram ;   Kirson, Eilon David ;   Miranda, Pedro ;   Palti, Yoram

Tags Innovation

Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields), low-intensity electric fields in the frequency range of 100-500 kHz, exhibit antimitotic activity in cancer...

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Neutron Distribution and Induced Activity Inside a Linac Treatment Room

Juste, Belen ;   Miró, Rafael ;   Verdú, Gumersindo ;   Díez, Sergio ;   Campayo, Juan Manuel

Tags Point of care diagnostic lab technologiesHealth technology management and assessmentClinical engineering

Induced radioactivity and photoneutron contamination inside a radiation therapy bunker of a medical linear accelerator (Linac) is investigated...

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