3D vs 2D Laparoscopic Systems: Development of a Performance Quantitative Validation Model

Ghedi, Andrea ;   Donarini, Erica ;   Lamera, Roberta ;   Sgroi, Giovanni ;   Turati, Luca ;   Ercole, Cesare

Tags Clinical engineeringHealth technology management and assessmentVerification and validation

BACKGROUND: The new technology ensures 3D laparoscopic vision by adding depth to the traditional two dimensions. This enhanced realistic...

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A Multi-Techniques Approach to Assess Reprocessing of Single-Use Electrosurgical Pencils

Tessarolo, Francesco ;   Torres, Sebastian ;   Ballesteros, Luis ;   Rigoni, Marta ;   Piccoli, Federico ;   Caola, Iole ;   Montoya, Yesid ;   Nollo, Giandomenico

Tags Verification and validationProduct development processHealth technology management and assessment

Reprocessing and reuse of single-use electrosurgical pencils (EPs) is a diffused practice in countries with limited access to healthcare...

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Design, Development and Characterization of a Modular End Effector for MIS Procedures

Izzo, Antonio ;   Tortora, Giuseppe ;   Dario, Paolo ;   Menciassi, Arianna

Tags Design and development

The Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) paradigm is well established in modern surgical procedures. Although MIS is successful from the patient’s...

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Development of an Excretion Care Support Robot with Human Cooperative Characteristics

Wang, Yina ;   Wang, Shuoyu

Tags Design controlsDesign and developmentHealth technology management and assessment

To support care giving in an aging society with a low birthrate, various life support robots are being developed. In the authors’ laboratory,...

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Implementation of New Dry Electrodes and Comparison with Conventional Ag/AgCl Electrodes for Whole Body Electrical Bioimpedance Application

Dassonville, Yohan ;   Barthod, Christine ;   Passard, Michelle

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesHealth technology management and assessmentWellness monitoring technologies

Reusable electrodes, when embedded into devices, can provide new ways of physiological measurements, and improve the usability and comfort of...

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Surgical Energy Device using Steam Jet for Robotic Assisted Surgery

Hitoshi, Yoshiki ;   Tadano, Kotaro ;   Ban, Daisuke ;   Ohuchi, Katsuhiro ;   Tanabe, Minoru ;   Kawashima, Kenji

Tags AblationDesign and developmentInnovation

In robotic assisted surgery, the carbonization and the adherence of coagulated tissues caused by surgical energy devices are problems. We...

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