A Reliability Assessment Software using Kinect to Complement the Clinical Evaluation of Parkinson's Disease

Navarro, Andres ;   Arango Paredes, Juan David ;   Munoz, Beatriz ;   Agredo, Wilfredo ;   Ariza, Yoseth ;   Orozco, Jorge Luis

Tags eHealthTelemedicineMobile health

Parkinson’s disease is characterized by alterations in the gait pattern that may increase the risk of falls. Variations in the gait pattern...

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An Mhealth System for Toxicity Monitoring of Paediatric Oncological Patients using Near Field Communication Technology

Duregger, Katharina ;   Hayn, Dieter ;   Morak, Jürgen Markus ;   Ladenstein, Ruth ;   Schreier, Guenter

Tags eHealthBody sensor networksPersonal health systems

Home-based monitoring might be useful to reduce the burden of long-lasting oncological treatment for children. Current telemonitoring...

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Analysis of Daily Oxygen Saturation for Detecting Deterioration in the Condition of COPD Patients

Clarke, Malcolm ;   Gokalp, Hulya

Tags TelehealthTelemedicineeHealth

This study presents a novel threshold algorithm that is applied to daily self-measured SpO2 data for management of COPD patients in remote...

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Future Trends in Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

Alhajeri, Mona ;   Clarke, Malcolm

Tags eHealthMobile healthTelehealth

This research investigates the opinions of radiologists regards requirements for improving current Picture Archiving and Communication System...

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Human-Centered Design of a Cyber-Physical System for Advanced Response to Epidemics

Dimitrov, Velin ;   Jagtap, Vinayak ;   Skorinko, Jeanine ;   Chernova, Sonia ;   Gennert, Michael ;   Padir, Taskin

Tags Low cost health delivery, public and environmental health, epidemiologyTelehealthWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systems

We describe the process towards the design of a safe, reliable, and intuitive emergency treatment unit to facilitate a higher degree of...

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Impact of Hierarchies of Clinical Codes on Predicting Future Days in Hospital

Xie, Yang ;   Neubauer, Sandra ;   Schreier, Guenter ;   Redmond, Stephen James ;   Lovell, Nigel H.

Tags Data miningElectronic health records

Health insurance claims contain valuable information for predicting the future health of a population. Nowadays, with many mature machine...

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Using a Generalised Identity Reference Model with Archetypes to Support Interoperability of Demographics Information in Electronic Health Record Systems

Chen, Xu ;   Berry, Damon ;   Stephens, Gaye

Tags eHealthElectronic health recordsHealth information system interoperability

Computerised identity management is in general encountered as a low-level mechanism that enables users in a particular system or region to...

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