A Proposal for Improvement of Genotyping Performance for Ethnically Homogeneous Population using DNA Microarray

Fukushima, Arika ;   Paul, Topon ;   Shingaki, Ryusei ;   Koiso, Takashi ;   Umeno, Shinya ;   Ueno, Ken

Tags Data miningKnowledge discovery and managementDecision support methods and systems

DNA microarray is used to determine the genotypes of several hundred thousand to several million SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) on...

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Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk based on a Data-Driven Knowledge Discovery Approach

Mendes, Diana ;   Paredes, Simao ;   Rocha, Teresa ;   de Carvalho, Paulo ;   Henriques, Jorge ;   Cabiddu, Ramona ;   Morais, João

Tags Data miningDecision support methods and systemsKnowledge discovery and management

The cardioRisk project addresses the development of personalized risk assessment tools for patients who have been admitted to the hospital...

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Automated Information Extraction from Free-Text EEG Reports

Biswal, Siddharth ;   Nip, Zarina ;   Moura Junior, Valdery ;   Bianchi, Matt T. ;   Rosenthal, Eric ;   Westover, Brandon

Tags Data miningComputer-aided decision makingKnowledge discovery and management

In this study we have developed a supervised learning to automatically detect with high accuracy EEG reports that describe seizures and...

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Clustering Emergency Department Patients – An Assessment of Group Normality

Schmidt, Thomas ;   Lassen, Annmarie ;   Hallam, John ;   Wiil, Uffe Kock

Tags Knowledge discovery and managementDecision support methods and systemsData mining

This paper presents an investigation into clustering of vital signs from Emergency Department patients with an intention of uncovering...

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Comparison between Decision Tree and Genetic Programming to Distinguish Healthy from Stroke Postural Sway Patterns

Marrega, Luiz Henrique Giovanini ;   Silva, Simone Massaneiro ;   Manffra, Elisangela F. ;   Nievola, Julio Cesar

Tags Decision support methods and systemsData mining

Maintaining balance is a motor task of crucial importance for humans to perform their daily activities safely and independently. Studies in the...

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Explicu: A Web-Based Visualization and Predictive Modeling Toolkit for Mortality in Intensive Care Patients

Chen, Robert ;   Kumar, Vikas ;   Fitch, Natalie ;   Jagadish, Jitesh ;   Zhang, Lifan ;   Dunn, William ;   Chau, Duen Horng

Tags Electronic health recordsData miningHealth information systems

Preventing mortality in intensive care units (ICUs) has been a top priority in American hospitals. Predictive modeling has been shown to be...

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How to Extract Clinically Useful Information from Large Amount of Dialysis Related Stored Data

Vito, Domenico ;   Casagrande, Giustina ;   Bianchi, Camilla ;   Costantino, MariaLaura

Tags Data miningKnowledge discovery and managementHealth information systems

The basic storage infrastructure used to gather data from the technological evolution also in the healthcare field was leading to the storing...

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Post-Surgical Complication Prediction in the Presence of Low-Rank Missing Data

Wu, Hang ;   Cheng, Chihwen ;   Han, Xiaoning ;   Huo, Yong ;   Ding, Wenhui ;   Wang, May D.

Tags Electronic health recordsData miningKnowledge discovery and management

The problem of missing data has made it difficult to analyze Electronic Health Records (EHR). In EHR data, the "missingness" often...

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Prediction of Happy-Sad Mood from Daily Behaviors and Previous Sleep History

Sano, Akane ;   Yu, Amy Zhao ;   McHill, Andrew ;   Phillips, Andrew J. K. ;   Taylor, Sara ;   Jaques, Natasha ;   Klerman, Elizabeth B. ;   Picard, Rosalind

Tags Mobile healthPersonal health systemsPersonalised health

We collected and analyzed subjective and objective data using surveys and wearable sensors worn day and night from 68 participants for ~30...

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