Design of a Breathing Mattress based on the Respiratory Movement of Kangaroo Mother Care for the Development of Neonates

Chen, Wei ;   Bambang Oetomo, Sidarto ;   Schets, Marjolein

Tags Technology and services for assisted-livingPersonalised healthPersonal health systems

Kangaroo mother care (KMC) benefits the development of neonates. This paper focuses on the design and implementing the extension of KMC...

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Designing a Patient Monitoring System for Bipolar Disorder using Semantic Web Technologies

Thermolia, Chryssa ;   Bei, Ekaterini ;   Petrakis, Euripides ;   Kritsotakis, Vangelis ;   Tsiknakis, Manolis ;   Sakkalis, Vangelis

Tags Computer-aided decision makingPersonal health systemsElectronic health records

The new movement to personalize treatment plans and improve prediction capabilities is greatly facilitated by intelligent remote patient...

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Implementation of a Smartphone Wireless Accelerometer Platform for Establishing Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment Efficacy of Essential Tremor with Machine Learning

LeMoyne, Robert ;   Tomycz, Nestor ;   Mastroianni, Timothy ;   McCandless, Cyrus ;   Cozza, Michael ;   Peduto, David

Tags Mobile healthTelemedicineWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systems

Essential tremor (ET) is a highly prevalent movement disorder. Patients with ET exhibit a complex progressive and disabling tremor, and medical...

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Improvement of Emotional Healthcare System with Stress Detection from ECG Signal

Tivatansakul, Somchanok ;   Ohkura, Michiko

Tags eHealthPersonal health systemsComputer-aided decision making

Our emotional healthcare system is designed to cope with users’ negative emotions in daily life. Our proposed healthcare system is designed as...

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Online and Automated Reliable System Design to Remove Blink and Muscle Artefact in EEG

Bhardwaj, Swati ;   Jadhav, Pranit ;   Adapa, Bhagyaraja ;   Acharyya, Amit ;   Naik, Ganesh R

Tags Personalised healthTelehealthTechnology and services for assisted-living

Electroencephalograms (EEGs) are progressively emerging as a significant measure of brain activity and are very effective tool for the...

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Portable Electrocardiograph through Android Application

Balbinot, Alexandre ;   Oliveira, Igor H. de ;   Cene, Vinicius H.

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsElectronic health recordsPersonal health systems

An electrocardiograph was design and implemented, being capable of obtaining electrical signals from the heart (leads I, II and III), and send...

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Respiratory Signal Derived from the Smartphone Built-In Accelerometer during a Respiratory Load Protocol

Estrada, Luis ;   Torres, Abel ;   Sarlabous, Leonardo ;   JanĂ©, Raimon

Tags Mobile and wearable technologies for elderlyEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare delivery

The scope of our work focuses on investigating the potential use of the built-in accelerometer of the smartphones for the recording of the...

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Visual Methods to Assess Cold Fingers and Experimental Verification

Ishikawa, Kyoko ;   Shimoyama, Natsuki ;   Mannen, Hiromi ;   Kuwabara, Kei ;   Matsuoka, Hiroto ;   Oguchi, Kimio

Tags eHealthTechnology and services for home carePersonalised health

Cold fingers is complaint of many people. To independently assess actual finger temperature, this paper uses prototype sensors to capture...

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