A Basic Study on Quantitative Evaluation of 3-Dimensional Foot Contact with an Inertial Sensor for FES Foot Drop Correction

Shiotani, Maho ;   Watanabe, Takashi

Tags Human performance - GaitRehabilitation - Wearable systemsRehabilitation - Stroke

In these days, FES is used to control ankle dorsiflexion of hemiplegic gait. Since not only dorsiflexion but also 3-dimensional foot contact...

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A Saliency based Motion Detection Model of Visual System Considering Visual Adaptation Properties

Kodama, Mitsuhiro ;   Kohama, Takeshi ;   Yoshida, Hisashi

Tags Human performance - DrivingBrain physiology and modelingNeural stimulation

The purpose of this study is to construct a math- ematical model which predicts saliency regions in high-speed egocentric-motion movies,...

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Ambiguity Involving Two Illusory Melodies Induced by a Simple Configuration of Tones

Nemoto, Iku ;   Yuhara, Ryosuke

Tags Human performance - CognitionHuman performance - Ergonomics and human factorsHuman performance - Modelling and prediction

Auditory scene analysis is essential in daily life to extract necessary information from complex acoustic environment and also from intricate...

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Designing Adaptive Integral Sliding Mode Control for Heart Rate Regulation during Cycle-Ergometer Exercise using Bio-Feedback

Argha, Ahmadreza ;   Su, Steven Weidong ;   Nguyen, Hung T. ;   Celler, Branko George

Tags Human performance - Modelling and predictionRehabilitation

This paper considers our developed control system which aims to regulate the exercising subjects’ heart rate (HR) to a predefined profile....

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Development of the Obstacle Detection System Combining Orientation Sensor of Smartphone and Distance Sensor

Tange, Yutaka ;   Takeno, Shunuke ;   Hori, Junichi

Tags Human performance - Activities of daily livingHuman performance

In the existing walking support system, the range of detection is limited, and it is very difficult to detect obstacles such as a step or a...

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Difficulty-Dependent Trajectory Planning during Target-Reaching Movements

Yang, Yuan ;   Song, Rong

Tags Human performanceNeuromuscular systems - Central mechanismsMotor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systems

This study explored how the difficulty of a task influenced motor control during target-reaching movements. During the experiment, twelve...

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EEG Feature Variations under Stress Situations

Merino, Manuel ;   Molina, Alberto ;   Gomez Gonzalez, Isabel Maria

Tags Human performance - Attention and vigilanceHuman performance - CognitionHuman performance

The goal of this study is to identify EEG parameters and electrode positions with the highest significant values to differentiate between...

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Estimation of the Reaction Times in Tasks of Varying Difficulty from the Phase Coherence of the Auditory Steady-State Response using the Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator Analysis

Yokota, Yusuke ;   Igarashi, Yasuhiko ;   Okada, Masato ;   Naruse, Yasushi

Tags Human performance - Activities of daily livingNeural signal processingBrain functional imaging - MEG

Quantitative estimation of the workload in the brain is an important factor for helping to predict the behavior of humans. The reaction time...

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Gait Assessment using the Kinect RGB-D Sensor

Zhao, Jingbo ;   Bunn, Frank ;   Perron, Jacob Michael ;   Shen, Edward ;   Allison, Robert

Tags Human performance - Gait

Patients with concussions, strokes and neuromuscular disease such as Parkinson’s disease, often have difficulties in keeping balance and...

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The Effect of Lymph Drainage on the Myoelectric Manifestation of Vastus Lateralis Fatigue: Preliminary Results

Vieira, Taian ;   Readi, Nathalli ;   Schwarcke, Lorenzo ;   Botter, Alberto

Tags Human performance - FatigueNeuromuscular systems - Peripheral mechanismsNeuromuscular systems - EMG processing and applications

Variations in surface electromyograms (EMGs) collected from the vastus lateralis muscle during isometric fatiguing contractions were...

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The Observation of Theta Wave Modulation on Brain Training by 5 Hz-Binaural Beat Stimulation in Seven Days

Yamsa-ard, T. ;   Wongsawat, Yodchanan

Tags Human performance - Attention and vigilanceHuman performance - CognitionHuman performance - Activities of daily living

Traditional buddhist meditation method maybe easy for someone with high experience. However, for the beginner, it is very difficult to keep...

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