An EEG Study of Turning Freeze in Parkinson's Disease Patients: The Alteration of Brain Dynamic on the Motor and Visual Cortex

Handojoseno, Aluysius Maria Ardi ;   Gilat, Moran ;   Ly, Quynh Tran ;   Chamtie, Hayat ;   Shine, James M. ;   Nguyen, Tuan Nghia ;   Tran, Yvonne ;   Lewis, Simon J.G. ;   Nguyen, Hung T.

Tags Neural signal processingNeural signals - Spectral analysis

Freezing of gait is a very debilitating symptom affecting many patients with Parkinson’s disease, leading to a reduced mobility and increased...

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Detection of Seizures in Intracranial EEG: UPenn and Mayo Clinic's Seizure Detection Challenge

Temko, Andriy ;   Sarkar, Achintya Kumar ;   Lightbody, Gordon

Tags Neurological disorders - EpilepsyNeurological disorders - Diagnostic and evaluation techniquesBrain functional imaging - EEG

A system for detection of seizures in intracranial EEG is presented that is based on a combination of generative, discriminative and hybrid...

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Identification of Brain Regions of Interest for Epilepsy Surgery Planning using Support Vector Machines

Dian, Joshua Adam ;   Colic, Sinisa ;   Chinvarun, Yotin ;   Carlen, Peter L. ;   Bardakjian, Berj Luther

Tags Neurological disorders - EpilepsyNeural signal processingNeural signals - Time-frequency analysis

In patients with intractable epilepsy, surgical resection is a promising treatment; however, post surgical seizure freedom is contingent upon...

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Investigation of Automatically Detected High Frequency Oscillations (HFOs) as an Early Predictor of Seizure Onset Zone

Liu, Su ;   Ince, Nuri Firat ;   Abosch, Aviva ;   Henry, Thomas ;   Sha, Zhiyi

Tags Neurological disorders - EpilepsyNeural signals - Detection of transient eventsNeural signals - Time-frequency analysis

High frequency oscillations (HFOs) during inter-ictal state have been considered as a potential biomarker of epileptogenic regions in brain....

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Locomotion and Eye Behaviour under Controlled Environment in Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease

Suzuki, Tatsuto ;   Yong, Keir ;   Yang, Biao ;   Carton, Amelia ;   McCarthy, Ian ;   Papadosifos, Nikolaos ;   Boampong, Derrick ;   Holloway, Catherine ;   Nick, Tyler ;   Crutch, Sebastian

Tags Neurological disordersHuman performance - Sensory-motorHuman performance - Activities of daily living

This study aimed to examine simple locomotion and eye behaviour of individuals with Posterior Cortical Atrophy (PCA) and typical Alzheimer’s...

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Monitoring of Cognitive State on Mental Retardation Child using EEG, ECG and NIRS in Four Years Study

Zennifa, Fadilla ;   Iramina, Keiji ;   Ide, Junko ;   Noguchi, Yukihiro

Tags Neurological disorders - Psychiatric disordersRehabilitation - CognitionRehabilitation - Wearable systems

In this study, a monitoring system of cognitive state in usual behavior without restraint using wireless EEG, ECG and NIRS on developmental...

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Optogenetic Control of Thalamus as a Tool for Interrupting Penicillin Induced Seizures

Han, Yechao ;   Ma, Feiqiang ;   Wang, Yueming ;   Li, Hongbao ;   Xu, Kedi

Tags Neurological disorders - EpilepsyNeural stimulation - Deep brainNeurological disorders

Penicillin epilepsy model, in term of epilepsy research, is one of the most useful acute experimental generalized epilepsy models. Though...

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Pilot Study of the Cortical Correlates and Clinical Effects of Passive Ankle Mobilisation in Children with Upper Motorneuron Lesions

Garavaglia, Lorenzo ;   Molteni, Erika ;   Beretta, Elena ;   Vassena, Elena ;   Strazzer, Sandra ;   Pittaccio, Simone

Tags Neurological disorders - Treatment methodologiesNeural signals - Blind source separation (PCA, ICA, etc.)Rehabilitation - Wearable systems

Upper motoreuron lesions (UML) affects people of all ages and conditions and is a major cause of disability in the young. Whereas active...

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Quantitative EEG Markers in Severe Post-Resuscitation Brain Injury with Therapeutic Hypothermia

Deng, Ruoxian ;   Young, Leanne ;   Jia, Xiaofeng

Tags Neurological disorders - Diagnostic and evaluation techniquesNeural signals - Information theoryBrain functional imaging - EEG

Therapeutic hypothermia has been regarded as one of the most effective post-cardiac arrest (CA) treatments to improve survival and...

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Seizure Detection using Regression Tree based Feature Selection and Polynomial SVM Classification

Zhang, Zisheng ;   Parhi, Keshab

Tags Neurological disorders - EpilepsyNeural signals - Time-frequency analysisBrain functional imaging - EEG

This paper presents a novel patient-specific algorithm for detection of seizures in epileptic patients with low hardware complexity and low...

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Transcranial Focal Electrical Stimulation Reduces Seizure Activity and Hippocampal Glutamate Release during Status Epilepticus

Santana-Gómez, César E. ;   Alcántara-González, David ;   Luna-Munguía, Hiram ;   Bañuelos-Cabrera, Ivette ;   Magdaleno-Madrigal, Víctor ;   Tamayo, Mikhail ;   Rocha, Luisa ;   Besio, W. G.

Tags Neurological disorders - EpilepsyNeural signals - Spectral analysisNeural stimulation - Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS)

Previously we demonstrated that noninvasive transcranial focal electrical stimulation (TFS) with sub-effective doses of diazepam reduces...

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