A Particle Filter Framework for the Estimation of Heart Rate from ECG Signals Corrupted by Motion Artifacts

Nathan, Viswam ;   Akkaya, Ilge ;   Jafari, Roozbeh

Tags Signal processing in physiological systems

In this work, we describe a methodology to probabilistically estimate the R-peak locations of an electrocardiogram (ECG) signal using a particle...

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A Proof-of-Concept Study for Predicting the Region of Atherosclerotic Plaque Development based on Plaque Growth Modeling in Carotid Arteries

Sakellarios, Antonis ;   Bizopoulos, Paschalis ;   Stefanou, Kostas ;   Athanasiou, Lambros ;   Papafaklis, Michail ;   Bourantas, Christos ;   Naka, Katerina ;   Michalis, Lampros ;   Fotiadis, Dimitrios I.

Tags Cardiovascular system modelingCardiovascular modelsBlood flow models

In this work, we present a computational model for plaque growth utilizing magnetic resonance data of a patient’s carotid artery. More...

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Constructing Energy Expenditure Regression Model using Heart Rate with Reduced Training Time

Xu, Zhen ;   Zong, Chengzhi ;   Jafari, Roozbeh

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingTime-frequency, time-scale analysis of respiratory variability

Accurate estimation of energy expenditure (EE) is a key enabler for many applications of healthcare and wellness. Heart rate (HR) based EE...

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Estimation of Respiratory Rates based on Photoplethysmographic Measurements at the Sternum

Chreiteh, Shadi ;   Belhage, Bo ;   Hoppe, Karsten ;   Branebjerg, Jens ;   Haahr, Rasmus G ;   Duun, Sune ;   Thomsen, Erik V

Tags Respiratory modelsBlood flowWork of breathing

The respiratory rate (RR) is a clinically important vital sign and is a frequently used parameter at the general care floor. In current clinical...

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Method for Classifying Cardiac Arrhythmias using Photoplethysmography

Polania, Luisa F. ;   Mestha, Lalit, K. ;   Huang, David ;   Couderc, Jean-Philippe

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingVentricular arrhythmia mechanismsAtrial fibrilation

Advances in mobile computing and miniature devices have contributed to the accelerated development of wearable technologies for clinical...

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Prediction of Atheromatic Plaque Evolution in Carotids using Features Extracted from the Arterial Geometry

Bizopoulos, Paschalis ;   Sakellarios, Antonis ;   Koutsouris, Dimitrios ;   Kountouras, Jannis ;   Kostretzis, Lazaros ;   Karagergou, Stella ;   Michalis, Lampros ;   Fotiadis, Dimitrios I.

Tags Cardiovascular modelsCoronary artery diseasePatient specific approaches to treatment of heat dieseae

Knowing the arterial geometry might be helpful in the assessment of a plaque rupture event. We present a proof of concept study...

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