Automatic Localization of Mitral Valve Orifice in Three-Dimensional Left Cardiac Model

Wan, Min ;   Zhong, Liang ;   Zhang, Jun-Mei ;   Zhao, Xiaodan ;   Tan, Ru San ;   Huang, Wei ;   Wan, Xiaofeng

Tags Cardiac modelingCardiovascular structureVascular mechanics

This study proposes a novel method to localize the mitral valve orifice in the three-dimensional left cardiac model reconstructed from Cardiac...

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Automatic Segmentation of the Left Ventricle into 17 Anatomical Regions in Cardiac MR Imaging

Liang, Xi ;   Garnavi, Rahil ;   Wail, Simon ;   Liang, Sisi ;   Prasanna, Prasanth

Tags Cardiac modelingCardiac muscle modeling

Analysis and characterization of anatomical segments in the left ventricle (LV) of the heart in cardiac MRI convey clinical significance. Based...

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Can We Hear Ventricle Dyssynchrony? Yes, We Can

Jurak, Pavel ;   Halamek, Josef ;   Plesinger, Filip ;   Reichlova, Tereza ;   Vondra, Vlastimil ;   Viscor, Ivo ;   Leinveber, Pavel

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingVentricular mechanicsCardiac muscle mechanics

This study introduces a method for detection of ventricular depolarization activity and the transfer of this activity into an audible stereo...

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Computer-Based Assessment of Ventricular Mechanical Synchrony from Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Zhao, Xiaodan ;   Leng, Shuang ;   Tan, Ru San ;   Zhong, Liang

Tags Ventricular mechanicsCardiovascular signal processingCardiac modeling

Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) has revolutionized the care of a substantial portion of patients with advanced heart failure (HF)....

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Effect of Fibre Orientation on Diastolic Mechanics of Human Ventricle

Palit, Arnab ;   Bhudia, Sunil ;   Arvanitis, Theodoros ;   Sherwood, Victoria ;   Wayte, Sarah ;   Turley, Glen ;   Williams, Mark

Tags Cardiac modelingCardiac muscle modelingVentricular mechanics

Fibre orientation of myocardial wall plays a significant role in ventricular wall stress, which is assumed to be responsible for many cardiac...

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Modelling of the Nonlinear End-Systolic Pressure-Volume Relation and Volume at Zero Pressure in Porcine Experiments

Davidson, Shaun ;   Kannangara, Don Oliver ;   Pretty, Christopher G. ;   Kamoi, Shun ;   Pironet, Antoine ;   Desaive, Thomas ;   Chase, J. Geoffrey

Tags Ventricular elastanceCardiac modeling

The End-Systolic Pressure-Volume Relation (ESPVR) is generally modelled as a linear relationship between P and V as cardiac reflexes, such as...

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Myocardial Contractility Assessed by Dynamic Electrical Impedance Measurements during Dobutamine Stress

García-Sánchez, Tomás ;   Jorge, Esther ;   Amoros-Figueras, Gerard ;   Bragos, Ramon ;   Cinca, Joan ;   Rosell-Ferrer, Javier

Tags Ventricular elastanceVentricular mechanicsCardiac impedance

In this study, the electrical impedance of myocardial tissue is measured dynamically during the cardial cycle. The multisine-based approach used...

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