Ambient Light Cancellation in Photoplethysmogram Application using Alternating Sampling and Charge Redistribution Technique

Kim, Jong Pal ;   Lee, Tak Hyung ;   Kim, Ji-Hoon ;   Ko, Hyoungho

Tags Portable miniaturized systemsOptical and photonic sensors and systems

To overcome a large DC offset, ambient light interference, and optical path variation, a robust PPG readout chip is fabricated using 0.13-µm...

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Feasibility of an Electrodermal Activity Ring Prototype as a Research Tool

Torniainen, Jari ;   Cowley, Benjamin ;   Henelius, Andreas ;   Lukander, Kristian ;   Pakarinen, Satu

Tags Portable miniaturized systemsWireless sensors and systemsPhysiological monitoring

Electrodermal activity is an indicator of sympathetic activation and a useful tool for investigating psychological and physiological arousal....

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Noninvasive Pulse Transit Time Measurement for Arterial Stiffness Monitoring in Microgravity

McCall, Corey ;   Rostosky, Rea ;   Wiard, Richard M. ;   Inan, Omer ;   Giovangrandi, Laurent ;   Cuttino, Charles M. ;   Kovacs, Gregory T.A.

Tags Physiological monitoringMechanical sensors and systems

The use of a noninvasive hemodynamic monitor to estimate arterial stiffness, by measurement of pulse transit time (PTT), was demonstrated in...

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pH Measurements of FET-Based (bio)Chemical Sensors using Portable Measurement System

Voitsekhivska, Tetiana ;   Zörgiebel, Felix ;   Suthau, Eike ;   Wolter, Klaus-Juergen ;   Bock, Karlheinz ;   Cuniberti, Gianaurelio

Tags Portable miniaturized systemsChemo/bio-sensing techniques

In this study we demonstrate the sensing capabilities of a portable multiplex measurement system for FET-based (bio)chemical sensors with an...

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Pulse Wave Registration from Radial Artery using Photoplethysmographic Method

Pilt, Kristjan ;   Leier, Mairo ;   Silluta, Sandra ;   Temitski, Kristina ;   Meigas, Kalju ;   Viigimaa, Margus

Tags Physiological monitoringOptical and photonic sensors and systems

This pilot study was aimed to investigate the possibilities to use the photoplethysmographic (PPG) method for the pulse wave registration...

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Stress of Kindergarten Teachers: How we Tried to Detect and to Reduce It by using a Small and Wearable ECG and Acceleration Measuring Device?

Shirouzu, Shigenori ;   Seno, Yumeka ;   Tobioka, Ken ;   Sugano, HIsanobu ;   Masaki, Takeo ;   Mishima, Norio ;   Yasumatsu, Kiyotaka

Tags Portable miniaturized systemsBody sensor networks and telemetric systemsWireless sensors and systems

In 2014 school year, four female teachers of Nazareth Kindergarten decided to resign (DRT) due to workplace stress caused by human...

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Visualization Method based Stiffness Sensing System for Endoscopes

Iwai, Takanobu ;   Koyama, Toshio ;   Kagawa, Hiroyuki ;   Yoneyama, Takeshi ;   Watanabe, Tetsuyou

Tags Mechanical sensors and systemsNew sensing techniques

This research developed novel stiffness sensing system attachable to endoscope. The system is an extension of our previous force sensing...

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