A Semi-Automatic Process for Estimating Fetus Velocity using Ultrasound Imaging and Videos

Mitrou, Michalis ;   Agrafiotis, Panagiotis ;   Georgopoulos, Andreas ;   Sideris, Apostolos

Tags Ultrasonic prenatal imagingImage feature extractionImage segmentation

Contemporary technologies have positively affected everyday medical practice for the benefit of faster and more objective diagnoses. Image...

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A Simulation Study on the Choice of Regularization Parameter in L2-Norm Ultrasound Image Restoration

Chen, Zhouye ;   Basarab, Adrian ;   Kouamé, Denis

Tags Regularized image reconstructionParametric image reconstructionImage reconstruction - performance evaluation

Ultrasound image deconvolution has been widely investigated in the literature. Among the existing approaches, the most common are based on...

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A Texture Analysis Approach for Objective Uniformity Evaluation in Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging: A Preliminary Study

Scorza, Andrea ;   Conforto, Silvia ;   Lupi, Giulia ;   Sciuto, Salvatore Andrea

Tags High-frequency ultrasound technologyImage feature extraction

Ultrasound image uniformity is an important parameter for quality assurance in diagnostic ultrasounds, but it is usually assessed by a...

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Breast Tumor Classification in Ultrasound Images using Neural Networks with Improved Generalization Methods

Deodoro, Sergio ;   Costa, Marly G. F. ;   Coelho de Albuquerque Pereira, Wagner ;   Costa Filho, Cicero F. F.

Tags Ultrasonic breast imaging

Mammography, scintimammography and ultrasound images have been used to increase the specificity of breast cancer image diagnosis. Concerning...

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Carotid Ultrasound Segmentation using Radio-Frequency Derived Phase Information and Gabor Filters

Azzopardi, Carl ;   Camilleri, Kenneth Patrick ;   Hicks, Yulia A.

Tags Ultrasonic vascular imagingImage segmentationImage visualization

Ultrasound image segmentation is a field which has garnered much interest over the years. This is partially due to the complexity of the...

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Clutter Rejection Methods in Doppler Color Flow Imaging: Single-Ensemble vs. Multi-Ensemble

Zhiyuan, Shen ;   Feng, Naizhang

Tags Doppler ultrasonic imaging

Clutter filter which efficiently increases the estimation accuracy of blood flow velocity attracts much attentions in Doppler color flow...

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Dynamic Estimation of Myocardial Deformation using Ultrasound RF-Data a Preliminary Study

Shan, Zhirui ;   Li, Xuan ;   Wang, Yinong ;   Wang, Qing

Tags ElastographyUltrasonic cardiac imaging

Analytic minimization (AM) is one of elastography algorithms. In this study, a healthy male volunteer lying in lateral position was examined by an...

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High-Contrast and Low-Computational Complexity Medical Ultrasound Imaging using Beamspace Capon Method

Okumura, Shigeaki ;   Taki, Hirofumi ;   Sato, Toru

Tags Ultrasonic vascular imagingImage enhancementImage reconstruction - fast algorithms

Several adaptive beamforming techniques have been proposed to improve the quality of medical ultrasound images. The beamspace (BS) Capon...

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HoG Feature based Detection of Tissue Deformations in Ultrasound Data

Czajkowska, Joanna ;   Pyciński, Bartłomiej ;   Pietka, Ewa

Tags Ultrasonic interventional imagingImage classification

The fast development of imaging techniques during last decades makes it possible to introduce intra-operative visualization as the integral...

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Intrinsic Elastography and Its Dependence on Arterial Flow Volume

Nagaoka, Ryo ;   Kobayashi, Kazuto ;   Yoshizawa, Shin ;   Umemura, Shin-ichiro ;   Saijo, Yoshifumi

Tags ElastographyFunctional image analysisParametric image reconstruction

We propose a new estimation method of tissues stiffness from deformation induced by arterial pulsation. The new method was named Intrinsic...

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Measurement of Ultrasonic Diaphragmatic Motion

Chrysostomou, Constantinos ;   Loizou, Christos ;   Minas, George ;   Delibasis, Konstantinos ;   Pattichis, Constantinos

Tags High-frequency ultrasound technologyCardiac imaging and image analysisImage segmentation

The motion characteristics of the diaphragmatic muscle may provide useful information about normal and abnormal diaphragmatic function and...

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Scatterer Reconstruction and Parametrization of Homogeneous Tissue for Ultrasound Image Simulation

Mattausch, Oliver ;   Goksel, Orcun

Tags Regularized image reconstructionParametric image reconstruction

Numerical simulation of ultrasound images can facilitate the training of sonographers. A realistic appearance of simulated ultrasonic speckle is...

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Using Ultrasound Image Analysis to Evaluate the Role of Elastography Imaging in the Diagnosis of Carotid Atherosclerosis

Xenikou, Monika Filitsa ;   Golemati, Spyretta ;   Gastounioti, Aimilia ;   Tzortzi, Marianna ;   Moraitis, Nektarios ;   Charalampopoulos, Georgios ;   Liasis, Nicolaos ;   Dedes, Athanasios ;   Besias, Nicolaos ;   Maras, Dimitrios ;   Nikita, Konstantina

Tags ElastographyUltrasonic vascular imaging

Valid characterization of carotid atherosclerosis (CA) is a crucial public health issue, which would limit the major risk held by CA for both...

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