A Comparison of Signal Processing Techniques for Intrinsic Optical Signal Imaging in Mice

Turley, Jordan Alexander ;   Nilsson, Michael ;   Walker, Frederick Rohan ;   Johnson, Sarah J

Tags Optical neuroimagingImage denoisingImage filtering

Intrinsic Optical Signal imaging is a technique which allows the visualisation and mapping of activity related changes within the brain with...

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A New Modality of Bidimensional Compton Camera

Cebeiro, Javier ;   Lebailly, Quentin ;   Morvidone, Marcela Alejandra ;   Nguyen, Mai K.

Tags PET and SPECT imagingIterative image reconstructionPET and SPECT Imaging applications

The concept of Compton camera originates from the need to improve sensitivity in Single Photon Emission Imaging, which uses hole collimators. It...

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A Spectral Approach for the Quantitative Description of Cardiac Collagen Network from Nonlinear Optical Imaging

Masè, Michela ;   Cristoforetti, Alessandro ;   Avogaro, Laura ;   Tessarolo, Francesco ;   Piccoli, Federico ;   Caola, Iole ;   Pederzolli, Carlo ;   Graffigna, Angelo ;   Ravelli, Flavia

Tags Multi photon imagingCardiac imaging and image analysisImage feature extraction

The assessment of collagen structure in cardiac pathology, such as atrial fibrillation (AF), is essential for a complete understanding of the...

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Corneal Deformation Dynamics in Normal and Glaucoma Patients Utilizing Scheimpflug Imaging

Rogowska, Marta Ewa ;   Iskander, D Robert

Tags Optical imagingImage segmentationCorneal imaging

The purpose of this study was to explore the corneal deformation dynamics recorded in raw Scheimpflug images of CorVis ST tonometer to...

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Detection and Density Estimation of Goblet Cells in Confocal Endoscopy for the Evaluation of Celiac Disease

Boschetto, Davide ;   Mirzaei, Hadis ;   Leong, Rupert ;   Grisan, Enrico

Tags Confocal microscopyImage feature extractionImage segmentation

Celiac Disease (CD) is an immune-mediated enteropathy, diagnosed in the clinical practice by intestinal biopsy and the concomitant presence of...

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Estimation of Neuronal Activity based on Voltage-Sensitive Dye Imaging in a Moving Preparation

Fathiazar, Elham ;   Kretzberg, Jutta

Tags Optical neuroimagingOptical imagingFluorescence microscopy

Voltage-sensitive dye imaging allows simultaneous recording of graded voltage changes of multiple neurons. While this experimental technique is...

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Hot-Spot Selection and Evaluation Methods for Whole Slice Images of Meningiomas and Oligodendrogliomas

Swiderska, Zaneta ;   Markiewicz, Tomasz ;   Grala, Bartlomiej ;   Slodkowska, Janina

Tags Functional image analysisOptical imagingImage classification

The paper presents a combined method for an automatic hot-spot areas selection based on penalty factor in the whole slide images to...

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Measurement of Vital Sign in Chick Embryo using Multi-Channel Diffuse Speckle Contrast Analysis

Yeo, Chaebeom ;   Park, Hyun-cheol ;   Lee, Kijoon ;   Song, Cheol

Tags Diffuse optical tomographyOptical vascular imagingNear infra-red spectroscopy

In poultry industry which is avian breeding program, the determination whether chick embryos survive in the artificial incubation periods or...

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Measuring Blood Flow Velocity from Intravital Video Recordings

Guimarães, Pedro ;   Xiang, Weiwei ;   Wigdahl, Jeffrey ;   Reglin, Bettina ;   Pries, Axel ;   Ruggeri, Alfredo

Tags Optical vascular imaging

There is an obvious scientific interest in computing blood flow velocity from intravital microscopy using digital video cameras attached to...

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Motion Reduction and Multidimensional Denoising in Voltage-Sensitive Dye Imaging

Romero Santiago, Alejandro E. ;   Schwerdtfeger, Karsten ;   Szczygielski, Jacek ;   Flotho, Philipp ;   Schubert, J. Kristof ;   Haab, Lars ;   Hmila, Mehdi ;   Strauss, Daniel J.

Tags Optical neuroimaging

Optical Imaging using Voltage-sensitive Dyes is characterized by low fractional changes in fluorescent light intensity upon the application of a...

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Neurotransmitter Vesicle Movement Dynamics in Living Neurons

Moreira, Hélder ;   Silva, Ivo ;   Sousa, Monica ;   Sampaio, Paula ;   Cunha, João Paulo Silva

Tags Optical molecular imagingConfocal microscopyImage segmentation

The communication between two neurons is established by endogenous chemical particles aggregated in vesicles that move along the axons. It is...

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Probabilistic Graphical Modeling of Speckle Statistics in Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging for Noninvasive and Label-Free Retinal Angiography

Basak, Kausik ;   Dey, Goutam ;   Sheet, Debdoot ;   Mahadevappa, Manjunatha ;   Mandal, Mahitosh ;   Dutta, P.K.

Tags Optical imagingRetinal vascular imagingImage segmentation

This paper introduces a noninvasive and label-free approach for retinal angiography using Laser speckle contrast imaging (LSCI). Retinal...

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Proof of Concept of an Automatic Tool for Bioluminescence Imaging Data Analysis

Mastropietro, Alfonso ;   Tennstaedt, Annette ;   Beyrau, Andreas ;   Henn, Nadine ;   Hoehn, Mathias ;   Baselli, Giuseppe

Tags Optical molecular imagingImage segmentationFunctional image analysis

Bioluminescence Imaging (BLI) is an important molecular imaging tool to assess complex biological processes in vivo. BLI is a sensitive technique,...

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Reduction of Light Source Noise from Optical Intrinsic Signals of Mouse Neocortex by using Independent Component Analysis

Yoshida, Yuto ;   Nakagawa, Daiki ;   Karashima, Akihiro ;   Nakao, Mitsuyuki ;   Katayama, Norihiro

Tags Optical neuroimagingBrain image analysisFunctional image analysis

Because the optical intrinsic signal (OIS) of the brain is very weak, noise reduction is essential. Independent component analysis (ICA) is...

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Single Pixel Camera: An Acquisition Strategy based on the Non-Linear Wavelet Approximation

Rousset, Florian ;   Ducros, Nicolas ;   D'Andrea, Cosimo ;   Peyrin, Francoise

Tags Optical imagingImage compressionCompressive sensing/sampling

Single pixel imaging opened the door to a cheaper camera architecture able to operate in a wide spectral range. Compressive sensing has been...

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Spatial Localization of Ryanodine Receptors in Human Cardiac Cells

Vallmitjana, Alex ;   Nolla, Carme ;   Herrainz, Adela ;   Hove-Madsen, Leif ;   Benitez, Raul

Tags Fluorescence microscopyImage segmentationCardiac imaging and image analysis

We present a novel image processing method to determine the location of ryanodine receptors in cardiac cells. A semi-automatic manual...

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Tuning of a Deformable Image Registration Procedure for Skin Component Mechanical Properties Assessment

Montin, Eros ;   Cutrì, Elena ;   Spadola, Giuseppe ;   Testori, Alessandro ;   Pennati, Giancarlo ;   Mainardi, Luca

Tags Confocal microscopyDeformable image registrationImage feature extraction

Several studies report the mechanical properties of skin tissues but their values largely depend on the measurement method. Therefore, we...

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