Compact Laser Illumination System for Endoscopic Interventions

Blase, Bastian

Tags Optical imagingImage denoising

External cold light sources as well as LEDs are commonly used for abdominal illumination in minimally invasive surgery. Still, both feature certain...

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Low-Cost Surface Reconstruction for Aesthetic Results Assessment and Prediction in Breast Cancer Surgery

Lacher, Rene Michel ;   Hipwell, John ;   Williams, Norman R. ;   Keshtgar, Mohammed ;   Hawkes, David J ;   Stoyanov, Danail

Tags Optical breast imagingRigid-body image registrationInfra-red imaging

The high incidence and low mortality of breast cancer surgery has led to an increasing emphasis on the cosmetic outcome of surgical...

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Rapid Three Dimensional Two Photon Neural Population Scanning

Schuck, Renaud ;   Quicke, Peter ;   Copeland, Caroline ;   Garasto, Stefania ;   Annecchino, Luca Antonello ;   Hwang, June Kyu ;   Schultz, Simon R

Tags Multi photon imagingOptical neuroimagingFluorescence microscopy

Recording the activity of neural populations at high sampling rates is a fundamental requirement for understanding computation in neural...

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Self-Contained Diffuse Optical Imaging System for Real-Time Detection and Localization of Vascular Occlusions

Pollonini, Luca ;   Forseth, Kiefer ;   Dacso, Clifford C ;   Parazynski, Scott ;   Friedman, Jeffrey

Tags Diffuse optical tomographyNear infra-red spectroscopyOptical imaging

Free flap surgery is a procedure where healthy tissue is transferred from a donor site to a recipient site of the body to fill a defect...

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Spectral Study of Metabolism-Based Autofluorescence and White-Light Reflectance for Endoscopic Tumor Imaging

Ozaki, Masashi ;   Kagawa, Keiichiro ;   Arimoto, Hidenobu ;   Kominami, Yoko ;   Sanomura, Yoji ;   Yoshida, Shigeto ;   Seo, Min-Woong ;   Kawahito, Shoji ;   Tanaka, Shinji

Tags Fluorescence microscopyOptical imaging

Metabolism-based autofluorescence redox imaging is one of the promising options for non-invasive screening of digestive tumors. In this paper,...

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The Cerebral Blood Flow Response Dependency on Stimulus Pulse Width is Affected by Stimulus Current Amplitude – A Study of Activation Flow Coupling

Zhao, Linna ;   Li, Yao ;   Li, Hangdao ;   Omire-Mayor, Daryl ;   Tong, Shanbao

Tags Optical vascular imagingOptical neuroimaging

The coupling of cerebral blood flow (CBF) to neuronal activation, referred to as activation flow coupling (AFC), has been a fundamental brain...

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