An Ergonomic Handheld Ultrasound Probe Providing Contact Forces and Pose Information

Noh, Yohan ;   Housden, Richard James ;   Gomez, Alberto ;   Knight, Caroline ;   Garcia, Francesca ;   Liu, Hongbin ;   Razavi, Reza ;   Rhode, Kawal ;   Althoefer, Kaspar

Tags Tactile displays and perception

This paper presents a handheld ultrasound probe which is integrated with sensors to measure force and pose (position/orientation)...

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Electrodermal Activity Analysis during Affective Haptic Elicitation

Greco, Alberto ;   Valenza, Gaetano ;   Nardelli, Mimma ;   Bianchi, Matteo ;   Lanata', Antonio ;   Scilingo, Enzo Pasquale

Tags Tactile displays and perceptionHaptic interfaces

This paper investigates how the autonomic nervous system dynamics, quantified through the analysis of the electrodermal activity (EDA), is...

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Human Precision Manipulation Workspace: Effects of Object Size and Number of Fingers Used

Bullock, Ian ;   Feix, Thomas ;   Dollar, Aaron

Tags Human machine interfaces and robotics applicationsHaptic interfacesHumanoid robotics

Precision manipulation, or moving small objects in the fingertips, is important for daily tasks such as writing and key insertion, as well as...

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Micro-Needle Electro-Tactile Display

Tezuka, Mayuko ;   Kitamura, Norihide ;   Miki, Norihisa

Tags Tactile displays and perceptionHaptic interfacesHaptics in robotic surgery

Haptic feedback is strongly demanded for high-precision robot-assisted surgery and teleoperation. The haptic feedback consists of force and...

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Rotational Ranges of Human Precision Manipulation When Grasping Objects with Two to Five Digits

Feix, Thomas ;   Bullock, Ian ;   Gloumakov, Yuri ;   Dollar, Aaron

Tags Haptic interfacesHumanoid roboticsBiomimetic robotics

The ability to move and manipulate objects within the hand is important for the overall performance of the human hand. Such movements are...

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Study on the Human Perception of Incipient and Overall Slippages using A 2D FE Fingertip Model

Wang, Zhongkui ;   Katudampe Vithanage, Damith Suresh Chathuranga ;   Hirai, Shinichi

Tags Tactile displays and perception

Slippage on the fingertips is an important phenomenon that occurs constantly in our daily life. However, the mechanism behind the slippage,...

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