A Novel Method for Quantifying Arm Motion Similarity

Li, Zhi ;   Hauser, Kris ;   Roldan, Jay Ryan ;   Milutinovic, Dejan ;   Rosen, Jacob

Tags Rehabilitation - StrokeMotor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systemsNeurological disorders - Treatment methodologies

This paper proposes a novel task-independent method for quantifying arm motion similarity that can be applied to any kinematic/dynamic...

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Development of the RT-GAIT, a Real-Time Feedback Device to Improve Gait of Individuals with Stroke

Hegde, Nagaraj ;   Fulk, George ;   Sazonov, Edward

Tags RehabilitationRehabilitation - Wearable systemsMotor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systems

Regaining the ability to walk is a major rehabilitation goal after a stroke. Recent research suggests that, in people with stroke,...

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Effect of Interface Type in the VR-Based Acquisition of Pedestrian Skills in Persons with ASD

Saiano, Mario ;   Garbarino, Eleonora ;   Lumachi, Simonetta ;   Solari, Silvano ;   Sanguineti, Vittorio

Tags Rehabilitation - Virtual realityRehabilitation - CognitionNeurological disorders - Psychiatric disorders

Possession of ‘social’ skills is crucial for persons with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) to maintain a certain independence and a better...

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Gait Generation for Powered Hip-Ankle-Linkage-Orthosis

Lee, Jaeryoung ;   Mizumoto, Ryota ;   Obinata, Goro ;   Genda, Eiichi ;   Stefanov, Dimitar ;   Aoki, Hirofumi ;   Pei, Yanling

Tags Rehabilitation - LocomotionRehabilitation - Wearable systemsRehabilitation - Robotics

A hip-knee-ankle-foot orthotic system called ‘HALO’(Hip and Ankle Linked Orthosis) for paraplegic walking has been developed in our previous...

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Kinect One-Based Assessment of Upper-Limb Functionality in Post-Stroke Patients: A Comparison with Clinical Scales

Scano, Alessandro ;   Caimmi, Marco ;   Chiavenna, Andrea ;   Malosio, Matteo ;   Molinari Tosatti, Lorenzo

Tags Rehabilitation - StrokeNeurological disorders - Treatment methodologiesRehabilitation - Virtual reality

This paper presents a Kinect One sensor-based protocol for the evaluation of the motor-performances of the upper limb of neurological...

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Smart Rehabilitation Garment for Posture Monitoring

Wang, Qi ;   Chen, Wei ;   Timmermans, Annick A.A. ;   Karachristos, Christopher ;   Martens, Jean-Bernard ;   Markopoulos, Panos

Tags Rehabilitation - Wearable systemsRehabilitationHuman performance - Sensory-motor

Posture monitoring and correction technologies can support prevention and treatment of spinal pain or can help detect and avoid...

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