A Simplified Method for Quantifying the Subject-Specific Relationship between Blood Pressure and Carotid-Femoral Pulse Wave Velocity

Butlin, Mark ;   Hathway, Peta J ;   Kouchaki, Zahra ;   Peebles, Karen ;   Avolio, Alberto P

Tags Arterial pressurePulse transit timePulse wave velocity

Devices that estimate blood pressure from arterial pulse wave velocity (PWV) potentially provide continuous, ambulatory blood pressure...

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Accuracy of Heart Rate Variability Estimation by Photoplethysmography using an Smartphone: Processing Optimization and Fiducial Point Selection

Ferrer-Mileo, VĂ­ctor ;   Guede-Fernandez, Federico ;   Fernandez-Chimeno, Mireya ;   Ramos-Castro, Juan ;   Garcia-Gonzalez, Miguel A.

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingHRV and blood pressure monitoringPulse transit time

This work compares several fiducial points to detect the arrival of a new pulse in a photoplethysmographic signal using the built-in camera of...

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Arterial Compliance Probe for Local Blood Pulse Wave Velocity Measurement

PM, Nabeel ;   Joseph, Jayaraj ;   Sivaprakasam, Mohanasankar

Tags Pulse wave velocityPulse transit timeCardiovascular signal processing

Arterial compliance and vessel wall dynamics are significant in vascular diagnosis. We present the design of arterial compliance probes for...

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Carotid Arterial Blood Pressure Waveform Monitoring using a Portable Ultrasound System

Seo, Joohyun ;   Pietrangelo, Sabino ;   Lee, Hae-Seung ;   Sodini, Charles G.

Tags Arterial pressurePulse wave velocityBlood flow

This work presents a non-invasive arterial blood pressure (ABP) waveform monitoring technique using ultrasound. A portable ultrasound system...

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Cuffless Blood Pressure Estimation using the Carotid Arterial Pulse

Buxi, Dilpreet ;   RedoutĂ©, Jean-Michel ;   Yuce, Mehmet

Tags Arterial pressurePulse transit time

Ambulatory blood pressure monitors based on pulse transit time are limited by the challenge of changing vascular tone. This study focuses on...

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Pulse Rate Variability Analysis by Video using Face Detection and Tracking Algorithms

Melchor, Angel ;   Ramos-Castro, Juan

Tags HRV and blood pressure monitoringCardiovascular signal processing

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a physiological parameter which has increased its importance in recent years due to its relationship with the...

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