Analytical Description of the Slope of the APD-Restitution Curve to Assess the Interacting Contribution of Conduction and Repolarization Dynamics

Orini, Michele ;   Taggart, Peter ;   Hayward, Martin ;   Lambiase, Pier

Tags Cardiac modelingVentricular arrhythmia mechanismsCellular arrhythmia mechanisms

The restitution of the action potential duration (APDR) is a mechanism whereby cardiac excitation and relaxation adapt to changes in heart...

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Electromechanics Modeling of the Effects of Myocardial Infarction on Left Ventricular Function

Leong, Chin Neng ;   Al Abed, Amr ;   Lim, Einly ;   Lovell, Nigel H. ;   Marasco, Silvana ;   Hashim, Shahrul Amry ;   Dokos, Socrates

Tags Ventricular modelsVentricular mechanicsHeart failure

Ventricular remodeling may occur following myocardial infarction of the left ventricle (LV) and such remodeling has been shown to be...

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Far-Field Effect in Unipolar Electrograms Revisited: High-Density Mapping of Atrial Fibrillation in Humans

Podziemski, Piotr ;   Kuklik, Pawel ;   van Hunnik, Arne ;   Zeemering, Stef ;   Maesen, Bart ;   Schotten, Ulrich

Tags Atrial fibrilationCardiovascular signal processingComplexity in cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory signals

Unipolar electrogram can detect local as well as remote electrical activity of the heart. Information on how the amplitude and morphology of...

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ICD Lead Failure Detection in Chronic Soaked Leads

Kollmann, Daniel ;   Swerdlow, Charles ;   Kroll, Mark ;   Seifert, Gregory John ;   Lichter, Patrick ;   Hedin, Daniel ;   Panescu, Dorin

Tags Defibrillation, ablation, and cardioversion

Abrasion-induced insulation breach is a common failure mode of silicone-body, transvenous, implantable cardioverter defibrillator leads. It is...

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Low-Energy Defibrillation with Multi-Electrodes Stimulation: A Simulation Study

Jin, Lian ;   Wang, Jianfei ;   Song, Biao ;   Wu, Xiaomei ;   Fang, Zuxiang

Tags Defibrillation, ablation, and cardioversionSimulation for cardiac arrhythmiaCardiac modeling

The objective of this study is to explore the possible ways to reduce defibrillation energy and further reveal the mechanism of electric...

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On How 2: 1 Conduction Block Can Induce T-Wave Alternans in the Unipolar Intracavitary Electrogram: Modelling In-Vivo Human Recordings from an Ischemic Heart

Orini, Michele ;   Taggart, Peter ;   Hayward, Martin ;   Lambiase, Pier

Tags Ventricular arrhythmia mechanismsSimulation for cardiac arrhythmiaCardiac modeling

Repolarization alternans is a marker of increased vulnerability to fatal arrhythmias. At the tissue level, in unipolar electrograms (UEGs)...

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