A Neural Network based Infant Monitoring System to Facilitate Diagnosis of Epileptic Seizures

Ogura, Yuya ;   Hayashi, Hideaki ;   Nakashima, Shota ;   Soh, Zu ;   Shibanoki, Taro ;   Shimatani, Koji ;   Takeuchi, Akihito ;   Nakamura, Makoto ;   Okumura, Akihisa ;   Kurita, Yuichi ;   Tsuji, Toshio

Tags Biomedical signal classificationSignals and systemsData mining in biosignals

In this paper, we propose an infant monitoring system that automatically detects epileptic seizures in domestic and hospital environments. The...

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Analysis of Epileptic Seizure Count Time Series by Ensemble State Space Modelling

Galka, Andreas ;   Boor, Rainer ;   Doege, Corinna ;   von Spiczak, Sarah ;   Stephani, Ulrich ;   Siniatchkin, Michael

Tags Signal processing in physiological systemsKalman filteringBlind source separation

We propose an approach for the analysis of epileptic seizure count time series within a state space framework. Time-dependent dosages of...

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Identification of Epileptogenic Networks from Dense EEG: A Model-Based Study

Hassan, Mahmoud ;   Mheich, Ahmad ;   Biraben, Arnaud ;   Merlet, Isabelle ;   Wendling, Fabrice

Tags Signal processing in physiological systemsConnectivity measurementsNonlinear synchronization of biomedical signals

Epilepsy is a network disease. Identifying the epileptogenic networks from noninvasive recordings is a challenging issue. In this context, M/EEG...

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Online Detection of Tonic-Clonic Seizures in Pediatric Patients using ECG and Low-Complexity Incremental Novelty Detection

De Cooman, Thomas ;   Van de Vel, Anouk ;   Ceulemans, Berten ;   Lagae, Lieven ;   Vanrumste, Bart ;   Van Huffel, Sabine

Tags Biomedical signal classificationSignals and systemsPrincipal component analysis

Home monitoring of refractory epilepsy patients has become of more interest the last couple of decades. A biomedical signal that can be used...

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Support Vector Machines using EEG Features of Cross-Frequency Coupling Can Predict Treatment Outcome in Mecp2-Deficient Mice

Colic, Sinisa ;   Wither, Rob ;   Lang, Min ;   Zhang, Liang ;   Eubanks, James ;   Bardakjian, Berj Luther

Tags Biomedical signal classificationTime-frequency analysis of biosignalsEmpirical mode decomposition in biosignal analysis

Anti-convulsive drug treatments of epilepsy typically produce varied outcomes from one patient to the next, often necessitating patients to...

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Using Wearable Sensors for Semiology-Independent Seizure Detection – Towards Ambulatory Monitoring of Epilepsy

Heldberg, Beeke E ;   Kautz, Thomas ;   Leutheuser, Heike ;   Hopfengärtner, Rüdiger ;   Kasper, Burkhard ;   Eskofier, Bjoern M

Tags Biomedical signal classificationPattern recognition methods for data mining in biosignalsMultivariate signal processing

Epilepsy is a disease of the central nervous system. Nearly 70% of people with epilepsy respond to a proper treatment, but for a successful...

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